KPL Knife Care Kits


The KPL Kit includes everything you need to lubricate, maintain, clean and detail your pocket knife. The KPL (Knife Pivot Lube) Knife Oil keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit “in suspension” so they don’t cause grinding and premature wear and actually cleans your pivot as you use it. The VibraTite thread locking liquid secures screws and fittings of the knife so that they do not unscrew due to vibration. Washable and re-usable swabs feature ultra-fine microfiber bristles that grab dirt and dust like magical magnets, removing them far more effectively than cotton swabs. And, a Microfiber cloth that polishes and cleans leaving a streak-free shine. 

  • Knife Pivot Lube - Premium Knife Lubricant
  • KPL Microfiber Knife Cleaning Cloth
  • VibraTite Medium/Removable Threadlocker
  • KPL ultra-fine microfiber detailing swabs - 1.0mm tips
  • KPL die-cut sticker



        KPL Knife Care Kits

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