PaleBlue Home Conversion Kit


Ready to eliminate alkaline waste once and for all? This kit is a giant leap forward, packed full of all the micro-USB rechargeable batteries you need. Just plug any micro USB cable or use the included cable to charge four batteries at once.

  • Fast Charging Lithium Battery
  • Convenient Micro USB charge port
  • Built-in LED Charging Indicator
  • On-board smart technology provides safe charging
  • Chemistry:Lithium Ion
    Power [W-h]:  (AA: 2.25W-h) (AAA: 0.675W-h) (9V: 0.45 W-h) (D: 7.5W-h)
    Voltage: (AA,AAA,D: 1.5V) (9V: 9V)
    Capacity: (AA: 1560mAh) (AAA: 600mAh) (9V: 500mAh) (D: 5000mAh)
    Charge Time: (AA: Under 1 hour) (AAA: 1 Hour) (9V: 1 Hour) (D: 3.25 Hours)Depending on charger specifications.
    Cycle Rating: 1000+ Cycles
    Charging Cable: 1 USB to 4 Micro USB, 1 USB to 2 Micro USB


PaleBlue Home Conversion Kit

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