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Best Guns for Self-Defense

Best Guns for Self-Defense

Nowadays, with the ever-increasing crime rate, there is no reason why you should eliminate the possibility of a home invasion. Whether you reside in a big city like New York or a small rural area, keeping your family safe should be your utmost priority, and the best way to maintain it is by investing in reliable weapons.

The problem is that there are countless options on the market, and choosing the best guns for your safety is not always easy. After all, you will want to buy a self-defense weapon that you can also use when traveling or camping in the wilderness, and not only a gun suitable for home defense or car defense. You are less likely to make a purchasing mistake if you do your research.

The good news is that we browsed the market and selected the most reliable defense weapons to keep yourself and your family safe, whether it be for home security or for defense out in the world. All you need to do is read their descriptions below and choose the ones that suit you best.

1.    The Mossberg 500/590 for Home Defense

When perpetrators are invading your home, you will want to welcome them with the roaring, violent sound of a shotgun. In this regard, you do not have to look any further than the Mossberg 500/590 for home defense.

This trustworthy weapon is among the favorite guns of homeowners everywhere. It is easy to use, quick to reload, and has a devastating blast, especially at close range. Even if you don’t shoot at the intruders, the blasting sound will be enough to scare them away.

With a slick design that enables ambidextrous use, the Mossberg 500/590 should feel comfortable even for the beginner gun owner. The slide release is located behind the trigger guard and it is easier to reach and rack the pump when a round is not in the chamber.

The Mossberg 500/590 is a proper, long-term investment for the defense of your home and family. It is cheap to maintain, and the ammunition comes at a reasonable price. It helps you shoot with devastating power and very little recoil. This makes it a perfect gun for home security.

2.    The Glock 17/19 for Self-Defense to Keep in Your Car

Having a reliable firearm in your home is not enough to keep you safe at all times. After all, you will not remain indoors all your life. You have to go out often, and carrying a gun in your car makes for proper protection against highway robberies.

If you are looking for a reliable weapon for concealed carry in your dashboard or underneath your chair, you cannot go wrong with a 9mm duty pistol like the Glock 17/19. This gun is ergonomic and easy to carry around or store in your car. It has simple controls and has a loud blast that can easily scare away the robbers.

With the Glock, you get a stable gun that is low-cost and low-maintenance. The magazines and accessories are generally inexpensive, and you can always keep them as a backup for bigger home-defense firearms.

3.    The AR-15 for Self-Defense in the Wilderness

Now that you have enhanced the protection of your home and vehicle with some sturdy, reliable defense guns, you can go a step further, and get one for your outdoor activities.

Remember that even if you are out and about in the wilderness, you are still a target for robberies. You can at least try not to be an easy one, and you can do so by adding an AR-15 to your camping equipment.

This semi-automatic carbine gives you great capacity, long-range, and increased velocity when responding to a robbery attack. Additionally, it makes enough sound to alert nearby campers that could come to your help. For one thing, the powerful blast should also work as a frightening signal for potentially dangerous wild animals attacking your camp.

4.    The Smith & Wesson 686 for Self-Defense at Work

Knowing that you can rely on a powerful shotgun to defend your home and family can give you peace of mind. But, what about your protection when you are at work?

Whether you work in an office or outdoors, you should always have a reliable defense weapon. In this regard, you should opt for a classic revolver like Smith & Wesson 686. This simple, 4-inch barrel gun is easy to use even if reloading it takes a bit more than other firearms.

This defense weapon pays tribute to the vintage handguns that stop intruders or attackers with a single shot. It easily absorbs the recoil, and the five or six rounds will also give you more responsibility about how you spare your bullets.

This revolver may be a bit expensive, especially if you will only use it in rare and extraordinary situations. Still, it is a good firearm to have handy when your work becomes unsafe. Furthermore, it has an imposing appearance that will make any attacker think twice before continuing their aggression. They are also a highly recommended manufacturer, who are supported by gun owners and law enforcement alike. 

5.    The Taurus Judge for Self-Defense When Traveling

Last but not least, one of the best guns for self security is the Taurus Judge, which is just as good for home protection as it is for traveling. You can easily pack it securely in your luggage and carry it with you, especially if your destination is a place widely known for a high crime rate.

This sturdy weapon will shut down any attacker in their way with overwhelming stopping power. It is a five-shot revolver that will help you get out quickly and safely from sticky situations like robberies in a foreign country, carjacking, and even hotel room burglaries.

If you want to take the Taurus Judge on your next trip, make sure that you abide by the laws and firearm regulations in the destination state. Do your due diligence and ensure that you can pack this powerful weapon securely in your luggage for the entire trip. Also, only bring the amount of ammunition that is legally permissible for national or international traveling.

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