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How to Survive an EMP attack?

How to Survive an EMP attack?

An EMP attack can be why the whole country's power can go out. It is also a reason why modern technology seems to stop functioning suddenly. There are a lot of experts that consider the EMP attack a myth only. Some people think of it as a real and serious underlying threat to climatic changes, and that attacks came be a small EMP pulse to full nuclear EMP attacks.

Therefore, it is important to know more about EMP to survive it. While preparation for a nuclear weapon attack and physical attacks seems like more of a priority, you do not want to find yourself clueless as a result of EMP effects. Hence, today we will discuss how to survive EMP attacks in detail so you will be prepared for such a disaster.

What is an electromagnetic pulse attack?

There is no doubt that this attack can have various risks, mainly on the electrical grid, power lines, nuclear power plants, and even a countries whole power grid. The electrical equipment risk also involves alarm systems, computer systems, and even solar panels. The majority of people wonder what the main causes of these kind of attacks are. However, there can be three ways or cases for the cause of this kind of attack.

  1. Nuclear blast.
  2. Electromagnetic bombs.
  3. Extreme solar events (solar flares) are due to harsh weather conditions.

An electromagnetic energy attack can also be a reason that can cause the whole world to exist without any power. Hence, learning ways in which you can survive is not very clear. In the majority of the cases, the EMP hits are not the reason for the loss of lives. Instead, it is the aftermath of EMP strikes that have a huge impact on people.

How to learn the ways to survive an EMP attack?

There are a lot of ways in which you can practically learn to be safe from the attack. However, some of the effective ways to help the majority survive the EMP attacks are mentioned below.

1. Get familiar with the electricity-free tools.

If you want to know how to survive EMP attacks, the first rule is quite simple. It would help if you wondered what your life would be like, or how it would get affected if you do not use electronic tools. With that being said, it means you should know the use of radios, torchlights, water pumping, and more devices that are independent of large power grids.

In the case of lighting, you must need to wonder and ponder over various things. It includes chemicals that can last only for 24 hours. It is because if the EMP attacks occur, you will be left with no power for a long time. That can lead to from weeks to months and even several years. Therefore, you should buy candles, learn how to start a fire, and also gain knowledge for using vintage oil lamps.

2. Purchase a Faraday bag

A lot of people have problems in understanding the need for investing in a faraday cage or bag to protect your electronic equipment. An EMP blast will most likely destroy electronic devices in effected areas. But in simple words, we can deduce that a faraday cage can help you in several ways. It can provide aid in EMP protection of your large devices that run on electrical energy. You can also make a personal faraday bag.

To make it so you do not have to worry about the budget, making a faraday cage or bag is quite cost-effective. You need an old metal garbage can that is no longer in use. Or you can also opt for a microwave over as well. Make sure to use such materials for making your faraday bag as it does not have any gaps present in them.

Next, you need to wrap the respective material by using the aluminum foil sheet. While wrapping the material, make sure that everything is covered. Then tape the sides with cardboard. With that, your faraday bag is ready from scratch. You can now put any items inside it, seal it and pray for the best.

3. Keep the food sources in your mind.

The other most important factor that you should keep in your surviving EMP checklist is the supply of food. While you are preparing for canned foods, other items you should keep in mind that such supplies can run out. Hence, it is considered an ideal step to take a few gardening tools.

With some seeds to plant your food sources, you can also invest in pre-manufactured meals. There is no doubt that the food you make on your own has more nutritional value. Therefore, having such supplies on your hand is a good thing for the prevention of food shortages.

4. Guard yourself

In the cases of an electromagnetic plus attack, you must know self-defending techniques. You can use the collection and storage of all the supplies like food, water, appliances, and more. You can be the target of several people around you. Hence, it would help if you stocked up ammunition and weapons as well. This will help you to protect against any intruder.

5. Medical kits and supplies

You never know what might happen in the next moment. In cases where a place is affected by the EMP event, medical supplies often get out of stock. And it is known that no matter where you are living. Owning a medical kit that has basic medical things is a must. Or you can also make your supplies.

For a bandage, you can keep a thick cloth. Keep tapes and glue guns for sticking the bandages. Also, make sure to keep a pair of scissors when you are preparing your medical kit.

6. Keep a communication way

In such situations, you should never forsake any portal or means of communication. There can be the need for emergency for your loved ones, and they might want to contact you. Hence, when you make  faraday cages or boxes, do not forget to keep a contacting device in it. It can be very useful in times of need and help and to know the conditions. Thereby, to stay in touch with your loved ones, keep a mobile phone in handy.

Final Remarks:

If you want to prepare the checklist for surviving the attack conditions. Then do give the mentioned ways a quick yet thorough read. It contains a lot of details in which you can learn to survive EMP attacks. Staying aware of the events around you if always the key.

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