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How to survive an ice storm?

How to survive an ice storm?

An ice storm during winter can bring down power lines and trees. This condition can result in power outages and can also cause electrical dangers. Besides that, an ice storm can also turn the paths and roads surrounding your house into an ice-skating rank within no time. Even 1/10th of an inch of ice can cause massive chaos. The condition will make it the hardest to commute around and can even pose different security threats.

Best ways to survive an ice storm

It is a vital fact that weather conditions are uncontrollable. Even it is harder to predict weather conditions with full certainty. Weather systems are often changeable nature’s forces that can come quickly, change their directions, and even become severe within no time.

Being well prepared is usually the best solution to survive an ice storm this winter. Here we have enlisted some best ways to survive an ice storm effectively.

So, here we go:

Keep an eye on the weather reports

The preparation to survive an ice storm starts before a storm hits. Therefore, you must pay attention to the weather reports on the internet, radio, and television. These usually turn out to be good resources for getting an accurate weather forecast and being prepared for an ice storm in advance.

BE prepared

During an ice storm, your water pipes also become vulnerable to freeze, particularly below 20 degrees. Use foam insulation to wrap your pipes to prevent these from freezing. If the temperature outside is decreasing, it would be better to leave your water faucets running at a slower drip.

Additionally, you must consider paying your utility bills timely to keep your phones working.

Stock up on food

Food is a necessity. We all need something to eat to stay energized. Therefore, it is imperative to stock up on food to survive an ice storm well. Here is how you can manage to stock up on food more effectively:

  • Keep larger plastic storage containers in hand, and clean your bins to store food outside in case of a power outage.
  • Shop for essential grocery items to stock up ahead of time. Make a detailed list of grocery items needed for every household member to survive an ice storm.
  • Canned and dried food items are always the best storage solution for an ice storm's survival. Even though canned veggies and foods may not be the best, these are always good to have in hand to avoid eating processed food over time.
  • You should also ensure keeping about 5 gallons of water in hand.

When stocking up on food for you and your family, remember the pets you have. It would help if you also considered keeping a stash of food for your pet as per their needs.

Gather light or heat sources

Power outage is one of the biggest challenges of an ice storm. Therefore, collecting the possible heat or light sources is important to survive the situation easily. Collect batteries, candles, and other stuff from around your house. Collect all these in one space in the house.

Find and clean the oil lamps you may already have in the house. Buy fuel for these lamps and place them in an easily accessible area.

If you want to increase the light produced by lit candles, take a mirror and put that with candles. It can double the light from the candles and the produced heat.

Layer up to stay warm

Staying indoors is the best way to survive an ice storm. However, if you go outside on foot for something, you must be smart to survive. Dressing up in layers appropriately is one of the best things to consider here for ensured warmth.

Besides that, it is also necessary to wear hats and gloves to keep your extremities warm. Once you are layered up well and ready to go, keeping your cell phone with you is necessary. Moreover, avoid walking roadside for ensured safety.

Stay safe when going to work.

Sometimes you need the option to skip going to work. Some jobs demand you to be at your workplace at all times.

You should keep a water and food stash if your job is the same. Moreover, loose, layered, warm clothing items are the best.

Moreover, if you already know the storm warning, driving to your workplace before the ice storm starts is better. Also, keep an emergency survival kit in your car to stay safe.

Manage a way to cook or heat your basic food items

There are multiple ways to manage cooking or heating your basic food items. Filling your propane tank before time is the best way to manage things well. Besides that, fill your BBQ tank with wood and other fire essentials to use during an emergency.

Additional tips for surviving an ice storm

Here we have some additional and quick tips to stay safe during an ice storm this winter:

  • If you have to venture outside, you must be alert for any possible electrical hazard. Keep yourself away from any downed electrical lines.
  • Also, be prepared for any tree limbs and debris possibly hiding an electrical threat. Treat all the power lines and things near them as dangerous.
  • Moreover, staying warm during an ice storm usually becomes difficult, especially during power outages. If you are living with elderly or younger family members, it is always important to have secondary heat resources. Else consider staying somewhere with power.
  • However, if you have power in your home, close the unneeded doors to keep the indoors warmer.
  • Stuff rags and towels underneath doors to keep the heat going out.
  • Keep your windows at night.

Final Thoughts

Overall, an ice storm can cause more troubles than power outages, inability to access safer transportation, and cold. It can simply cause a host of other inconveniences. So, in that condition, it becomes a must to know how to survive an ice storm and stay safe during recovery. The tips we have mentioned above will certainly help you here. Consider these tips whenever you feel stuck due to an ice storm, and stay safe throughout the period.


Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay 

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