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Are you the type who likes to think ahead? Not assuming the worst, but preparing for what may be. Welcome to Crate Club, a subscription service designed to keep you one step ahead. Premium tactical, survival, and EDC gear placed right on your doorstep.

Our mission at Crate Club is to keep you equipped with gear that not only serves a purpose in your day-to-day, but can assist you in being the most capable version of yourself when SHTF.

What Makes Crate Club Elite?

  • Hand-Picked, Premium Gear: We don't give you scraps. The gear that you receive is quality assured by our team of experts.
  • Bang For Your Buck: Each Crate contains gear that substantially exceeds the price you paid for it. The value you receive is far greater than the value you spent.
  • Gear You Can't Find Anywhere Else: Want an inside scoop into gear not found anywhere else? Get your hands on exclusive gear only found in Crate Club.
  • A Community Of Bada** Individuals: It's more than just the gear at Crate Club. Connect and learn from like-minded people as you expertise continues to advance.
  • Acquire New Skills: Part of the excitement is acquiring gear you didn't know you needed. Adapt to the challenge of something new and continue to enhance your skillset.
  • Discover, Adapt, Explore: Every Crate presents a new opportunity. We like to think being a tactician is a journey. Embrace that challenge and continue to grow into the most tactical version of yourself.

leveling up with crate club

  • Select Your Plan: Whether you're just beginning your preparedness journey, or a seasoned vet. From the Lieutenant to the General box, Crate Club has an option to meet your experience level
  • Anticipation Every Month: Full of the latest and greatest gear, a Supply Drop is sent to your doorstep awaiting for you to discover premium gear you didn't know you needed.
  • Put Your Gear To Good Use: Apply your new gear to your EDC collection, or keep it handy during those critical moments. Your gear is now in your hands, use it as you wish.

Member testimonials : Don't just take it from us!

I really enjoy my monthly packages and the surprise of opening it to reveal cool and useful items. One item I received was a double insulated water bottle. I had grown very attached to it and carried it everywhere; including to Mexico for a work trip. Unfortunately, it got stolen while I was there. I searched on line and couldn’t find the exact brand to purchase another one. I contacted customer support and Cane did some digging, found they still had one in stock and immediately sent me another one. I am anxiously awaiting it’s delivery!

- Zahra A.

Ever since I signed up I've been nothing but impressed with everything. I've gotten stuff I never heard of and I love it. Being medically retired from the Marines, I have put some of the items to my abuse and it holds up if not better than expected. Keep up the good work team and keep it coming. Thank you!!

- Cutis A.

If you want top notch equipment for hiking, hunting, fishing camping, you've got to join crate club. They are very professional. Customer service is awesome. The are eager to answer questions and help in any way they can.

- Lorie G.

Since switching to crate club I have gotten the coolest items that I actually use on a regular basis from range days to outdoors and I even use a lot of my stuff every day for work. Couldn’t be happier.

- Christian G.

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