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The AR-15 vs AK-47

Firearms are always a topic of interest for people, whether it is about their hobby or survival situation. While discussing firearms of different categories and types is fun. People take even more interest in comparing them and debating about them. How do you know you are using the best rifle? Is semi automatic better than automatic rifles? Is there a best armalite rifle (AR)? It can all be relative to your usage and experience.

There are many forms of rifles, including a military rifle (M4) and the classic AR-15 and AK-47. Here we will be discussing all these two classic options that you can have in the assault rifle category.

Everything you need to know about the AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate

The AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate is among all the categories and types that excite people the most. There are several reasons for that, including both being pretty old. However, that is not what we are here for. Today we will be comparing and contrasting these two assault rifles. So, you can know which one of these is better for you.

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Weight

The first thing that we will be comparing here is the overall weight of both these options. It is very important to consider because when it comes to your family's perception, you need to easily carry a firearm. So, being lightweight is an important factor for guns, especially assault rifles.

In this debate, the AR-15, aka "America's rifle", weighs 6.5 pounds in its stock condition, whereas the AK weighs 8.5 pounds in its stock condition. Although the difference between the 2 mounds is minimal considering the assault rifle category. AR-15 still gets the point here.

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Accuracy

Accuracy is a factor that can create the borderline between life and death. Especially when it comes to protecting your family in an apocalypse. In this debate, the AK is the more popular option for its lack of accuracy.

However, it still performs extremely accurate hits if you are in the short-range. On the other hand, the AR-15 brings a better reputation. So, this point also goes to AR for better accuracy and tighter tolerances. Both rifles, in general, produce a good sight picture

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Recoil Management

If you are familiar with shooting guns, you must be familiar with the term recoil. You must also be familiar with its role in making aiming difficult. It is a critical point in this debate because both guns come with different options. In the case of AR-15, the recoil is very easy to control even when you are using rapid fire.

On the other hand, the AK-47 has mild recoil meaning that you cannot very easily control it. However, if you are not firing rapidly and you are using it in semi automatic mode, then controlling it is easy. Another point for AR-15

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Reloading

Everyone knows how important it is to reload quickly. Spend a few more seconds to reload, and you may lose a life. So, the reloading aspect of these guns also matters a lot. When it comes to AK-47, you need to grip the unloaded magazine.

At the same time, you need to get the lever while rocking the old empty magazine out of the gun body and then pressing in the new one. On the other hand, it is very easy because pressing the button drops the magazine and you can push in the new one.

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Chances of Failure

A gun is a machine, and machines do fail sometimes. However, when your life is on the line between death and life, you must not fail. In this debate, the AR-15 is not the winner because it has a bad reputation of failing several times.

On the other hand, the AK-47 has an amazing reputation of never-failing, even if you take in mud. This is because of its design to perform in harsh environments. So, here we have a point for the AK.

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Fire rate

Well, the rate of fire is not that much of an important thing because the automatic rifle runs out of bullets fast. However, as we are comparing these, it is better to include the rate of fire as well. The gas operated AK-47 has a firing rate of 600 rounds in a minute.

On the other hand, the AR-15 comes with 800 rounds per minute. If you want the magazine to last longer, then the long stroke gas piston operated AK-47 is the winner. If you want the bullets to fire quickly in a smaller round, then the AR-15 is the winner with the right ammo.

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Range

Now coming towards the range because you may need to knock a few down from far away. When it comes to the AR-15, the maximum effective range of fire ranges from 400 meters to 600 meters. On the other hand, the AK-47 has a range of 300 meters when you use it in automatic rifle mode. In semi automatic rifle mode, it is effective range goes to 400 meters. So, in range, AR-15 is the clear winner.

AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate – Pricing

The price for AK-47 ranges between $300 and $750, depending on several factors. Similarly, the price for AR-15 ranges between $750 and $1500, depending on several factors. So, if you are comparing the base models of both rifles, AK-47 is cheaper.

In this debate, AR-15 was the clear winner for several options. However, the AK-47 also got some points. It does not mean that one of these guns is better for you because it won that point. The final decisive point must be your list of requirements and usage. However, if we compare the points, AR-15 could secure 6 points while AK-47 was only able to secure 2 points.

So, these were some important comparison points.

Final Verdict: What is the final call?

If we conclude the AR-15 vs AK-47 Debate, it will be perfect to say that both are amazing as general purpose hunting rifles or for self-defense and home defense purposes. While one provides a better range, the other one is good for those who are looking for a considerably cheaper option.

So, when you are going to select one, it is better that you consider your use case and situation for the firearm. Getting the one that fits your needs and budget in the best manner will only be a wise decision. It is because, in the end, it will be you who will have to use it to protect your family in an apocalypse.

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