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Why should you invest in Faraday Shielding Technology?

Why should you invest in Faraday Shielding Technology?

Electronics that we think are secure just by adding a password to them are not as safe as they seem. One of the best examples is an RFID-enabled bank card that can be easily skimmed for all private information, and any bad actor can use it.

There are tons of such examples that support the idea of investing in Faraday Shielding Technology.

What is Faraday Shielding Technology, and how does it work?

It is a technology based on an enclosure made from or covered in conductive materials. Whenever we place something in that enclosure, it is protected from all the electromagnetic fields coming from the outside.

The conductive materials absorb the charges whenever some magnetic field tries to pass through. Then they are distributed all over that conductive material surface, which protects the components inside from any unwanted external interference.

Today, most of our devices and products come with components that interact with fields, and no matter how secure we make things, there is always a chance of data being stolen which can cost a lot.

Top 5 reasons you should invest in Faraday Shielding Technology?

The following are the top 5 reasons you must invest in faraday shielding technology.

1. It gives peace of mind from the dangers of data theft

We need to be mindful of how we use the technology around us. The hackers around us are not like in previous times. Today worst actors are roaming freely, and you cannot even tell what they are up to. Mobile phones have become so strong that most don't even need proper backup equipment to steal your data.

For instance, you may put your wallet on the table at a coffee café. Someone accidentally taps their phone on the wallet, apologizes, and walks away. It seems normal, but it isn't because they may have accessed your confidential payment information using the near-field communication technology in your cards.

Faraday shielding technology can prevent this from happening, and this small investment will result in great peace of mind.

2. This small investment can protect you from the loss of thousands

Going for faraday shielding technology for your wallet or phone cover is only an investment of a few dollars. Similarly, if you use a faraday bag, you can protect all the stuff present in it. Just think of having physical copies of important data, and you accidentally lose them; how much will that cost you?

Keeping those copies digitally is a much safer alternative when using faraday bags. Buying this bag may require you to pay $20, but it will protect your assets and documents worth thousands of dollars. Personal information and data are the most valuable tool in this era of the internet, and this technology can bring physical protection for all.

3. You are protecting yourself and others as well.

We not only have our data on our devices but there are others' data. It usually happens when someone shares their data with us. Let's say you wanted to buy something online, and your brother texted you his credit card details.

Now when your security is compromised, his security is compromised as well, and it is because you are not using enough protection. There are 2 ways to stay safe from such happenings:

  1. Not communicating confidential information with people over the phone is not feasible because we need payment information now and then.
  2. Use faraday shielding technology to ensure that no unwanted user can physically or digitally access your device without your intention.

Going for the second option seems more feasible as it will result in better data protection for you and those who share their data with you.

4. There is no need to compromise the security of several devices simultaneously.

Not going for this shielding technology may mean compromising the security of several devices. Passwords and pins on our devices make us think that the devices are safe, but these are only safe from people with weak terminologies against device security. Any cybersecurity professional can easily get into devices protected with a password.

Advanced ones use Wi-Fi, Airdrop, or Bluetooth to get into your device, and you don't even think about it because your laptop is hibernating inside your bag. Prevent this from happening with multiple devices simply by using this shielding technology. Even when you leave wireless access to your device on, this shielding will protect you from bad actors most of the time.

5. Precaution and prevention are your best practices.

Prevention is always better than cure. Even if you don't have top-notch confidential information on your smartphone, you must be using online banking information. So, that needs protection from theft. Similarly, you may have some confidential media on your phone. With this shielding, you can prevent most wireless cyber-attack attempts.

What is the modern-day application of Faraday Shielding Technology

We have been using faraday shielding technology to get hardware-level device security for a long time.

  • Protection from lightening

The most common examples include airplanes and cars being protected from lightning.

  • Kitchen microwave ovens

Another common example is the microwave oven, which uses this technology to keep all the fields inside its body and prevent it from leaking, which results in much quicker cooking or heating time.

  • RFID protection covers

Speaking of the latest modern-day application, faraday shielding technology is being used to make wallets and car key fob covers. Both are used to protect your information from unwanted users. These cards and keys are designed to work wirelessly with a tap, and whenever someone taps them, they get some information you may want to protect.

Final Remarks:

There are better ideas than leaving everything up to digital protection. While technology like RFID makes our lives much quicker and safer, it also brings some security vulnerabilities. The same goes true for other wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, the best practice is getting physical and digital protection. Investing in faraday technology can protect you from many data thefts, including credit card skimmers and car key fob duplicators.

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