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MODL Infinity Straps (4 Pack) <span>$35</span>

MODL Infinity Straps (4 Pack) $35

Meet the Infinity Tool. The wearable, adaptable companion for all of life's adventures. With a platinum silicone "Super Loop" and 304 stainless steel stud links, this utility bracelet doubles as a versatile gear strap that is designed to allow you to do more with what's at hand. From a simple grocery run to even the most extreme adventures, the Infinity Tool can be used in an unlimited number of situations.

  • One bracelet can hold up to 70 lbs
  • Multiple bracelets can be linked together for additional strength
  • Comes in 8" version and 16" version
  • NOT for climbing
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Nose Slap <span>$19.99</span>

Nose Slap $19.99

Nose Slap is an aromatic product that uses peppermint vapors to deliver an intense, refreshing blast of fragrance that instantly puts you in the mood to be active and engaged in whatever life throws your way. Ammonia, a key ingredient in Nose Slap, has been used by both medical professionals and competitive sports athletes for years. Just one sniff of the pungent peppermint scent contained in these small, easy-to-carry vials is powerful enough to “slap” anyone of out
a bad mood and get ‘em back to work.

  • Portable
  • More pleasant than other ammonia-based products
  • Can be used in a variety of situations
  • Convenient
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Exotac FREEKey <span>$7.95</span>

Exotac FREEKey $7.95

This award-winning key ring saves fingernails and simplified the daily task of carrying keys. Designed from high-grade stainless steel, FREEKey Slim System rings eliminate the always challenging operation of a traditional key ring by opening with the simple press of the ring. Simply squeeze to open and proceed to use like a normal key ring. Without a doubt, it's the last ring you'll ever need.

  • Saves time, energy, and fingernails
  • Comes with both a primary ring as well as accessory rings
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PackStack <span>$22</span>

PackStack $22

Winner of Outside Magazine’s Gear Guide Editor’s Choice Award in 2022, the PackStack is a weatherproof organization and distribution tool designed to be used in conjunction with any standard 40L+ backpack. With its crescent shaped
design, PackStack was created to eliminate dead space within a backpack more efficiently than a standard packing cube. Featuring 100% CORDURA® RipStop nylon and aYKK zipper, the PackStack was designed to be used on any expedition in any environment. Furthermore, multiple PackStacks can also be stacked within a single backpack, allowing the user to organize their belongings however they choose.

  • Weighs just 3.32 oz
  • Dimensions are 4" x 7" x 12"
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Can be stacked with other versions
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Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System <span>$59.95</span>

Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System $59.95

The Work Sharp® Guided Sharpening System is a complete bench top solution for every knife you own. This product was created with both novice and master sharpeners in mind and can truly be used on every knife in your arsenal. The innovative Pivot-Response® system follows the curve of the blade while sharpening, putting a sharp edge along the entire length of the blade. The required skills needed to use this product are built into the tool itself, making sharpening fun and easy to learn. Offering both 17° and 20° options, the angle-guided hone can be used separately and taken with you out into the field if desired.

  • Multiple angle guides
  • 320 coarse and 600 fine diamond plates
  • Packable, 2-grit ceramic hone
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Work Sharp Upgrade Kit <span>$29.95</span>

Work Sharp Upgrade Kit $29.95

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Work Sharp® Guided Sharpening System, this upgrade kit allows the user to repair damaged blades, sharpen a wider variety of tools, and create the ultimate cutting edge.

  • 1.25" x 6" Extra-Coarse Diamond Plate (220 Grit)
  • 1.25" x 6" Extra-Fine Diamond Plate (800 Grit)
  • 1.25" x 6" Leather Stropping Plate
  • 25° Stropping Angle Guides (2)
  • 0.5 Micron Honing Compound
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