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Total Value: $164.95

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins <span>$24.97</span>

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins $24.97

Proper hydration is more than just drinking water. In fact, the overconsumption of
water and underconsumption of electrolytes can lead to a fatal condition called
hyponatremia (aka water intoxication). This is why an electrolyte supplement could be the difference between life and death. To ensure you and your loved ones are properly hydrated, simply throw two (2) of these neutral-flavored tablets into any liquid beverage.Containing FIVE critical electrolytes and NINE boosting vitamins, this extremely convenient Brode electrolyte supplement is exactly what you need.

  • Can be taken on the go
  • Mixes with any liquid beverage
  • No sugar, sweeteners, or caffeine

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Anti-Fog Spray Plus 3-in-1 Cleaning Brush <span>$17</span>

Anti-Fog Spray Plus 3-in-1 Cleaning Brush $17

Have you ever experienced foggy lenses, goggles, or optics at just the wrong
time? For military members, hunters, law enforcement, First Responders, and more, effectiveness is proven by critical moments. The last thing anyone wants to experience during those critical moments is hindered vision. That’s where Anti-Fog USA comes in. To ensure that you able to perform at your highest potential during make-or-break opportunities, Anti-Fog USA has provided you with non-toxic anti-fog spray and a 3-in-1 optics maintenance tool. Both the spray and the tool are designed to be used in wet environments, dry environments, and everything in between.

  • Removes/protects against fog, smudges, grime, and other unwanted particles
  • Can be used on glass or plastic
  • Great for personal optics, weapons optics, camera lenses, and more

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Acebeam Pokelit Flashlight <span>$30</span>

Acebeam Pokelit Flashlight $30

Coming to you in a limited edition “Anvil Grey”, this is a super bright pocket-sized
EDC flashlight. This USB-C rechargeable flashlight is lightweight, durable, compact, comfortable, and waterproof up to two meters. Featuring three brightness settings and a dual-direction pocket clip, this LED flashlight is perfect for the house, your vehicle, a workbag, a toolbox, or for camping.

  • Three brightness settings
  • Max output of 1000 lumens
  • Intelligent memory function
  • Max runtime of up to 58 hours

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Maglula Gen II AR15/M4 Mag Loader <span>$42.99</span>

Maglula Gen II AR15/M4 Mag Loader $42.99

The Gen I magazine loader/unloader from Maglula was one of the most popular
speed loaders to ever hit the market. While the Gen I proved its effectiveness for 17 solid years, Maglula now seeks to improve upon their iconic design by presenting the Gen II. More compact, lighter, and smoother than the previous generation, the new loader fits and releases from magazines by a magazine coupler. Designed to be used with any metal or plastic 5.56mm/.223 magazine, this thumb-saving device will forever change the way you load ammunition.

  • Great for military and civilians
  • Made of durable, reinforced polymer
  • Creates huge efficiencies at the range or in a deployed environment
  • Prolongs magazine life

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Bollé Sentinel Ballistic Glasses <span>$49.99</span>

Bollé Sentinel Ballistic Glasses $49.99

Human vision is a crucial component to survival. Unfortunately, our eyes are two
of the most fragile and vulnerable parts of our bodies. This is why proper eye protection is non-negotiable. Created specifically for tactical environments, these copper ballistic glasses ensure maximum protection in a wide variety of circumstances. Featuring an adjustable bridge and flexible non-slip temples, the Sentinel offers maximum comfort and protection. Weighing in an under an ounce, the Sentinel can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. Furthermore, these protective glasses feature 65% visible light transmission, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations.

  • STANAG 2920/MIL-PRF-32432A ballistic resistance
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2015 standards
  • 0.99 ounces
  • Offers blue light filtration and platinum anti-fog coating
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