Klean Freak Scent-Free Body Wipes

After a workout, plane ride, hike, or overtime shift, you don't always have time to deal with sweat and stench. This scent-free biodegradable Klean Freak body wipe is premoistended with the same proprietary formula as their other wipes, just without additional fragrance. Now you can clean up and cool down without leading a trace. Throw these convenient sized packs of refreshing wipes in any bag for easy access wherever you go. Wipe all the grime and sweat off quickly, and get on with your day.

  • Zero Alcohol 
  • All Natural ingredients
  • 100% Biodegradable

NuStat Hemostatic Pads

Keeping your medical kit stocked with a well rounded supply of life saving gear is essential. We’re not just talking bandaids here. What about a major bleed? The NuStat hemostatic dressing is used by professionals to stop the loss of blood, fast. It is an advanced hemostatic surgical dressing that allows for temporary control of bleeding in lacerations, punctures, abrasions, and traumatic injuries for patients displaying Class III or Class IV bleeding.

  • Patented dual-fiber technology controls bleeding through adsorption at the injury site.
  • Results in a physical aggregation of blood cells and clotting factors. 

FirstLine Gun Oil Pen

FirstLine’s Precision CLP Oil Applicator Pen; also known as the “Six". The Six is a first of it’s kind, patented, leak free, precision oiling pen for all weapon systems on the market today. The Six was designed to quickly apply the most precise amount of oil to every friction point and working area of your firearm. The precision applicator pen is designed to lay down an even coat of patented FirstLine Synthetic CLP Gun Oil, no matter how many passes you make with it. In addition, the Six has four anti leak barriers located at the front and rear of the pen, making it 100% leak free. Coupled with the sturdy aluminum body, you can put the Six safely in your pocket as part of your everyday carry, in your hunting bag or truck, or anywhere you may need the oil applicator pen that always has your back.

  • 100% leak free
  • Sturdy aluminum body
  • Perfect for EDC
  • Retired LEO + Veteran owned


QUIKCORD is an amazing compact and lightweight tool to aid in eliminating the aggravation. Paracord is used by outdoorsmen and adventurers all over the world. It’s the temporary fix for things that break. The problem with cord is that no matter how you carry it, it’s always a tangled mess when you need it most. Built by a US Marine Infantry and Special Operations veteran, QUIKCORD is the essential piece of gear that belongs in everyone’s kit. Up to 25 feet of paracord dispensed TANGLE-FREE so its ready when you need it. No special winding or spooling. The patented stacking method ensures no more wasted time in a bad situation. With a blade built-in to its rugged shell, its also lightweight and easily refillable.

  • 25 feet of paracord dispensed TANGLE-FREE.
  • Blade built into the canister for safety.
  • Emergency nightime signaling snaplight.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

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