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DuraDerm SPORT

DuraDerm SPORT

There will be a time when you have a cut or other minor abrasions in the outdoors. Getting that wound clean, closed up, and protected from infection is very important. DuraDerm SPORT dries within 30 seconds and provides advanced skin repair for minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and scrapes. This FDA-cleared liquid bandage actively kills viruses, fungus, and bacteria on contact, seals and protects the wound from water, dirt and oxygen, and promotes faster healing.

  • FDA cleared
  • Contains no antibiotics
  • Actively kills viruses, fungi, and bacteria on contact
  • Biodegradable, Water-resistant, Durable, and Odorless
  • Protective barrier is elastomeric and flexes with your body's movement
  • Promotes optimal healing and recovery
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Eva-Dry E-250 Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry E-250 Mini Dehumidifier

For use anywhere you don't want moisture to create havoc on gear. Keep an Eva-Dry E-250 Mini Dehumidifier at home or bring it along anywhere you go to ensure a mold and mildew-free environment. This small unit is suited for spaces up to 250 Cubic feet in size and is designed with an indicator window on the front of the unit that allows you to see when the odorless, silica gel crystals have absorbed maximum moisture. Plug into an outlet to dry the crystals for reuse. Child and pet safe, Eva-Dry dehumidifiers help reduce dust mites and other allergens in your home and on the go.

  • Weight: 24 oz.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 2.45 in.
  • Capacity: 4 oz. - 6 oz.
  • Power Source Renewable
  • Suited for spaces up to 150 Cubic Feet
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Storm Safety Whistle

Storm Safety Whistle

Whether you're needing to signal for help in the outdoors, or trying to discourage an attacker in an urban situation, this whistle will quickly raise eyes and ears from far away. The Storm is the loudest whistle in the world, capable of being heard over a half mile away. Utilizing a patented resonance chamber integrated into the whistle, the sound is focused like a laser beam and blasts an alarm twice as loud as any other whistle. This same harmonic chamber also acts to protect the whistle from mud, snow and sand allowing the whistles to even work underwater!

  • Storm Safety Whistle: The loudest safety whistle on the market
  • Preferred by First Responders: used by Police Departments, the U.S. Military, U.S. Coast Guard, and Emergency & Diving Operations
  • Personal Safety: A Great self-defense program that can be used when needed to get people's attention
  • Easy to use: A non-corroding thermoplastic housing is easy to grasp, and the patented double chamber design allows it to be blown when held right side up or upside down
  • Versatile: The storm whistle can be used in ANY weather conditions including up to 50 ft underwater
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Faraday Bags for Tablets and Multiple Devices

Faraday Bags for Tablets and Multiple Devices

Quick-access Faraday Bag with external window for evidence or identity tagging. Durable weatherproof nylon with a quick roll down velcro seal. Designed for electronic devices (such as Key Fobs) carried in unsecured locations, instantly block all wireless signals and protect from remote wiping, tracking, and tampering.

  • Silent Pocket Faraday Cage with Multishield Faraday Shielding
  • Block 100 DB+ Blocks Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, EMP, and EMF Radiation
  • Shielding is MILSTD-188-125-2 compliant, based on high-altitude electromagnetic pulse protection testing 
  • Weatherproof 400 denier nylon
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