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WORN Socks <span>$18.00</span>

WORN Socks $18.00

Designed to provide the perfect balance of dryness, comfort, and support, the WORN Everyday Enhanced sock will help melt away long hours on your feet. Knit with performance enhanced Merino Arrowool™, this pair of socks will keep you feeling comfy and dry all day and all night. This product features 360° arch support and additional material around the footbed and heel to reduce strain on the wearer’s foot, ultimately facilitating a confident and stable stride. These socks are great for all climates and all lifestyles.

• 35% organic Merino wool
• 29% abrasion resistant nylon
• 30% performance polyester
• 4% elastane

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SOK Pepper Spray Alternative <span>$22.95</span>

SOK Pepper Spray Alternative $22.95

The SOK (pronounced “soak”) system is an odorless water soluble lubric gel that was developed to address many of the legal, moral, and strategic issues associated with the use of pepper sprays. Though capable of immediately incapacitating an assailant or suspect, SOK can be deployed in crowded, confined, or unventilated areas with absolutely zero toxicological, environmental, or respiratory collateral damage. Just like traditional pepper spray, SOK is a pressurized can intended to be aimed directly into and around the eyes of an assailant or suspect. While SOK can be as jarring as getting sprayed by pepper spray, it doubles in effectiveness by coating the assailant or suspect in a super slick goo that makes grasping objects or people extremely difficult.

• EPA “Safer Chemical Ingredients List” approved
• FDA “Generally Recognized as Safe” approved
• Easily washes off with just water
• Does NOT contain oleoresin capsicum (OC),
chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS), or
chloroacetophenone (CN)

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Fox Edge FE044 <span>$25.99</span>

Fox Edge FE044 $25.99

The Fox Edge FE044 is a top-notch frame lock folder that brings both style and
functionality to your everyday carry. With its Ti-coated 8CR13MoV 3.75” stainless
steel blade and an overall length of 8”, this blade is ready to tackle any task with ease. Featuring an ambidextrous thumb stud, this knife can be easily opened with just one hand. Furthermore, this beautiful folder isn’t just functional; it’s very easy on the eyes. The Olive Wood Scale paneling offers a touch of elegance that isn’t seen in many other EDC options. Built to withstand all the rigors for everyday use, the FE044 is perfect for everything from opening packages to tackling outdoor tasks and everything in between.

• 8CR13MoV stainless steel
• Ambidextrous thumb studs
• Deep carry pocket clip
• Lanyard hole

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REV 3 Maratac® Signal Mirror <span>$9.95</span>

REV 3 Maratac® Signal Mirror $9.95

The ability to communicate with one another can directly affect the outcome of a life-or-death situation. Furthermore, communication can come in many forms. It’s not always through verbal language or even sound altogether. Sometimes
communication is purely visual, and that’s where signal mirrors come in. Designed to effectively grab the attention of nearly anyone in a 40 mile
radius, the REV 3 Maratac® by County Comm is an irreplaceable item. This product uses the sun to focus a concentrated beam of light in any direction that the user can find a reflection. The “second-surface” reflective mirror (made by a telescope optics manufacturer) provides a ultra-sharp, highly-focused flash. Lastly, this signal mirror features a reticle with a red dot that will appear on the
target you are trying to get the attention of, ensuring your alignment is perfect and your communication is effective.

• Second-surface reflective mirror provides a sharp focused flash
• Made of light weight composite material
• Visible over 40 miles
• Dimensions: 3" x 2"
• Weight: 1.2oz

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