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Absorbits Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

Absorbits Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

It is truly devastating and an absolute pain when beloved mobile devices and electronics have to  suffer at the hands of wet conditions. No more running around frantically in search of a bowl of rice to salvage what’s left of your wet phone, AirPods, key fobs, remote controls, GPS devices, etc. The Absorbits We Electronics Rescue Pouch is a versatile and extremely handy accessory that could prove timely and useful to you in such stressful situations. Its patented technology efficiently extracts moisture and humidity from the contents of the pouch by wicking away moisture in a matter of hours–restoring the dryness of your device back to its previous condition. It features a handy size and design which is easy to use, store in your car, boat, or kitchen, or carry around in your bag, so you’re always prepared for the worst before it happens.

  • Keep your electronics safe and dry after exposure to moisture - Water, rain, sweat, dew, humidity
  • Engineered with patented Absorbits Moisture-Removal Material
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Walker's Razor Digital Lower Profile Muff

Walker's Razor Digital Lower Profile Muff

Walker's advanced digital muff offers the same high quality hearing protection you've come to expect from your Razor with the addition of crystal clear digital sound. With a secondary 3.5mm Audio input jack and optional Razor Walkie-Talkie (sold separately), the Digital muff offers extreme versatility that come your way without sacrificing comfort or clarity.

  • Advanced digital circuit
  • Active dynamic sound suppression
  • Hi-gain omnidirectional microphones
  • Clear digital sound 
  • Dynamic wind-noise reduction
  • Sound-dampening composite housing
  • Ergonomic headband design
  • 3.5mm audio input jack for secondary audio input
  • Recessed volume control knob
  • Auto shutoff
  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • NRR 23DB
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SME 2 Piece Shooting Bags - Filled

SME 2 Piece Shooting Bags - Filled

Rest your rifle on these SME 2 Piece Shooting Bags to help stabilize your shots at the range. Made with durable, water resistant 600D polyester to maintain the bag's shape and non-slip bottom for maximum stability on nearly any surface, indoor or outdoor. These SME 2 Piece Shooting Bags weigh approximately 9 lbs and have a suede leather top to prevent shock during target practice sessions. Perfect for steading your aim during shooting drills without worrying about damaging your weapon.

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Suede leather topper to protect stock
  • 100% plastic pellet filler reinforced stitching 
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Exotac RipSPOOL

Exotac RipSPOOL

The Exotac ripSPOOL is a lightweight, complete field repair kit that can also be used for multiple survival and bushcraft tasks. Featuring high strength braided line for re-stitching gear, creating tools or as an improvised fishing kit. Heavy duty repair tape for patching holes, as an improvised bandage, creating bushcrafting tools or even as tinder. #16 Sail Needle retained by an o-ring in the line spool so it can be used as improvised awl/thimble. Pull it out, attach thread and reinsert for sewing. Also includes a Firecord lanyard with an inner core that can be pulled out and used tinder.

  • 60ft of 30lb test braided line
  • 50in of heavy duty repair tape 
  • #16 sail needle
  • Attached 550 firecord lanyard
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Summit Knife Co. Mount Olympus Folder

Summit Knife Co. Mount Olympus Folder

Wow, what an amazing EDC folder we have here! This Mount Olympus from Summit Knife CO. has a heck of a name to live up to. In my opinion it does just that and is an excellent Gentleman's every day carry blade that doesn't skimp on style. It features a 2.75" VG-10 steel blade, liner lock, and carbon fiber scales with brass colored hardware. At an overall length of 6.75" and net weight of 2.7 oz, this Mount Olympus is not gonna weigh down your pockets. But, it will surely get the job done as an EDC folder and look great while putting in a day's work.

  • Blade Material: VG-10 Steel
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber scales with Brass hardware
  • Blade Length: 2.75"
  • Handle Length: 4"
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