ResQme Vehicle Escape Tool



Don’t take the size of this tool for granted. It’s an amazing glass breaker and seat belt cutter. We tested this item on several different thicknesses of glass and it works incredibly well. Even underwater. The seat belt cutter does an amazing job of quickly cutting away seat belts in the event you’re in an accident and the seat belts lock up. Keep this item handy in your vehicle so you can get out when the need arises.

  • The original 2-in-1 lifesaving compact emergency car safety tool: this emergency keychain hammer provides peace of mind to yourself and your family on the road in case of car entrapment. Can be used in various situations such as rollover, electrical system failure, car fire, floods, and sinking car accidents.
  • Jammed seatbelt cutter: The razor-sharp, stainless-steel blade allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt in no time. Slice the seat belt diagonally for a quick and clean cut. Can be used multiple times.
  • Tempered glass window breaker: The solid, heavy-duty, stainless-steel spike easily breaks tempered glass car side windows. Hit preferably one of the corners of the window for better results. The resqme is equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism and resets after each use. The resqme is reusable multiple times.
  • Made in USA. We pride ourselves in offering efficient and reliable, made in the US, safety tools for the last 20 years.
  • Trusted by first responders, Law Enforcement, and EMTs and carried by more than 8 million motorists worldwide. The resqme seat belt cutter and window breaker saves a life on average every 15 days. Tested and certified by TUV, a German certification
ResQme (Rescue Me)

  • 3L x 1.25W x 0.67D (in.) | 7.60L x 3.20W x 1.70D (cm.)
  • ABS plastic | Stainless steel | Hardened chrome-plated steel | Nylon
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