Cyclops 10-Watts Spotlight


The 10 WATT LED handheld spotlight is dual rechargeable with either an AC/DC charger or with a 12V DC car plug adapter for use on the go. This handheld spotlight incorporates dual source illumination with 850 lumens of high beam or 280 lumens on low beam, saving valuable lighting recourses in distressed situations with a burn time of 1 hour on high and 3 hours on low. Made durable with an ABS plastic housing, the light has a compact design with swivel stand, making the 10 WATT LED spotlight quick and easy to navigate. This spotlight is powered by a 4V rechargeable, sealed lead acid battery, so you never have to worry about running out of power.

  • Dual Recharge, either AC/DC charger or 12V DC car plug adapter
  • Dual source illumination, 85- lumens on high beam, 280 lumens on low beam
  • Burn Time: 1 hour on high; 3 hours on low
  • Beam Distance: 405 meters
  • Tactical power button
  • Powered by 4V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery


Cyclops 10-Watts Spotlight

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