SLNT Faraday Dry Bag (2.5 Liter)


Dry bags are excellent for keeping your gear safe from the elements and can even function as an improvised flotation device in a pinch. But what if it could also provide protection for sensitive electronic devices? Well, here we have just that! This waterproof and signal-proof dry bag is designed to ensure your devices become invisible, untrackable, and silent. By placing electronic devices inside, you are securing them from water and wireless threats. Instantly block Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, EMF, EMP, and Key Fobs. Super lightweight, packable, and durable 400D Nylon Ripstop that rolls down as small as you like. Perfect for travel, wet environments, and variable weather conditions all the while keeping your electronics secure. Don’t leave your safety and security in the hands of just any product.


SLNT Faraday Dry Bag (2.5 Liter)

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