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5 Reasons Why I Always Have A Notebook

5 Reasons Why I Always Have A Notebook

My first day in the fleet my machine gun section looked at me and asked where my note taking material was. I was confused, no one told me to bring note taking gear and I explained as such. His reply was simple, always have it in your hip pocket, in case a class starts kicking off you’ll be ready. From then on I had a notebook or some kind on me at all times. Carrying one gave me a new perspective on the entire idea, not just for taking notes during classes but taking notes throughout life. I’ve carried the habit well into my civilian life. Rarely am I outside of the reach of a notebook and pen of some kind. Notebook So outside of my section leader kicking classes why do I keep a notebook on me

Ideas and Inspiration

As a writer, I’m hit by ideas and inspiration all the time, and most often while I'm far away from a computer. This idea can be for an entire article, a question I seek the answer to or even a funny phrase or analogy that will make my writing more engaging. If I don't write it down I will forget it and forget it hard. Then I’ll spend time trying to chase that idea and inspiration back. I could get a great idea for an article and it can disappear as fast as it came.

Quick Notes for Further Research

Sometimes I hear rumors, gun store gossip, or odd pieces of history and I want to better evaluate them, research them, and get an unbiased and accurate source. I can also come to my questions and want to find an answer for research for an article, or for my general curiosity. These questions can be anything from, “What’s the difference between an inch when it comes to 10mm ballistics?” to “How much could a gorilla bench press?”

My Memory Sucks

This could be the biggest reason ever to have a notebook. For some reason, I can remember the name of Jane’s favorite gun in Firefly, but can’t remember exactly what time my weekly physical therapy appointment is. The ability to jot down names, phone numbers, addresses, and more is one of the biggest reasons I depend on a notebook for daily tasks. Notebook

Quick To-Dos

If I make a plan I can almost always stick to it, and part of my planning is often a daily to-do list. I’m much more efficient with a to-do list than just trying to remember what I need to do that day. In the middle of that to do list, I may find things to add or things I need to care of quickly. From deadlines to when my car needs to have its oil changed. A quick to do list keeps me on track and keeps me goal focused. Mill that 80 lower receiver, grab my dry cleaning, defrost the chicken I'm making for dinner.

Documenting the Little Things

I have a son who’s 7 and occasionally he says the funniest things, makes amazing observations and they are often times worth writing down and dating. Other things include important dates I need to remember, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. I also like a notepad for a situation I found myself in not long ago. I struck up a conversation with a gorgeous woman and before we departed I wrote my phone number down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. Now we are dating. 5 Reasons Why I Always Have A Notebook Crate Club has recently granted me a new notebook to replace my aging black book. On top of the fact I already carry the Crate Club Self-defense pen so it's a natural fit. The Crate Club notebook is black, subdued, and the perfect size to fit in my back pocket. The book includes a built-in bookmark and an elastic band to keep it closed. Emblazoned across the cover are the words, The Pen is the Sword. It’s a subtle phrase invisible unless you look close, but in the age of information, it’s quite true.

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