Tactical Pen

This pen was made ever popular by that classic scene from the Bourne Trilogy where Jason Bourne grabs an average ballpoint pen and proceeds to lay waste to all in front of him. Tactical pens today can be an amazing holdout option to a high-pressure situation when you have exhausted all further options. Tactical pens are exactly what they sound like. A pen that is rugged and built for the environment and often has an aluminum or titanium body. Yes, they do write! However, the main purpose of carrying one of these would be for the blunt point. If you know where the sweet spots are, you can control a person by attacking their pressure points.


Benefits of Tactical Pens:

  • It is an excellent introductory self-defense tool. Those people who are afraid of using a knife and other weapons can go for it easily.
  • It possesses excellent strength and can quickly stop the actions of your opponent.
  • It is small and does not occupy much space in your baggage.
  • With a strong material, it will not break when stabbing an attacker.



Kubotans are a small self-defense weapon, on average no longer than 6 inches, with a thick diameter of ½ to 1 inch thick. With one end of this weapon coming to a broad blunt point, it is extremely easy to apply pressure and cause pain.  You would hold this this is a style of pressure point weapon as if it were an icepick. With a thrust or stabbing  motion this would then be used to strike sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes, groin, nose, temple, or neck. The resulting impact would allow you to safely get away and protect yourself or your loved ones should you ever need to.  Since this is such a small item, to the untrained eye, it would not be an obvious weapon. It is most often found attached to a keychain with a quick release mechanism, so you can retrieve and access it fairly easy.



Since the dawn of time, the baton has been an absolute classic for self-defense. No matter how you look at this, who can argue with a nice weighty piece of wood or metal? This is a first step in less than lethal self-defense, and you will still see this as an item carried by police and military worldwide. This can be an excellent choice for you as well, but make sure to check your local and state laws! We are not lawyers and all self-defense purchases should always be made with wisdom and research in mind. A baton has the ability to provide quick strikes or jabs, sweeping the legs of an opponent, or even just adding that extra reach to your profile. A baton is overall an excellent choice when less lethal is the better choice.

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