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The CamelBak Forge: Forged for Adventure

The CamelBak Forge: Forged for Adventure

Vacuum insulated drink wear is the latest and greatest fad to go hit the outdoor market. Calling it a fad is a bit much, as it's not likely to change anytime soon. The Camelbak Forge is from famed hydration pack manufacturer CamelBak. The Forge is a 16-ounce vacuum insulated travel mug designed to add a bit of convenience to your adventuring. The Forge is designed to keep the hots hot and the colds cold.

I made the mistake of pouring coffee straight from the pot to the cup and realized that was a poor idea. It stayed too hot to drink. I had to leave the top open for a bit and let the coffee cool to a nonsearing temperature. With cold liquids, it will stay cold forever. I've left it half full of water and ice and the next morning the ice is still there. This is why Vacuum Insulated cups are becoming such a big deal among outdoors enthusiasts.

Why the CamelBak Forge is Different.

The CamelBak Forge isn't just designed for your morning commute, or for your break when cutting the lawn. The Forge is for the active adventurer. Its made to be dropped, knocked around, tossed in a pack and forgotten about. It's made to not only do this without breaking but to do it without leaking. The CamelBak Forge: Forged for Adventure

The lid is completely leak proof and its design is genius. The lid features an ergonomic and easy to press button that opens the spout. The spout itself is small so it's slow to drink from, but this reduces the chances of spills. The spout leads to a portion of the lid designed to fit the mouth and directs the flow smoothly.

The button design was critical here. Something too small, or too stiff would be a nightmare. The CamelBak Forge has a massive button that's easy to engage with gloved hands, cold hands, or just tired hands. It presses in easily and can be locked into place to keep the spout opened.

You only need a single hand to operate it, which is invaluable when doing both exciting and mundane tasks. It's easy to sip while driving and at the same time its easy to use while rock climbing, carrying a gun, biking, etc.

The Little Design Details

There are a few other design details I really want to point out. The lid is impact proof and can be dropped and beaten down without cracking or breaking. The Forge is designed for the common cup holder and fits in ever side pouch I have on my hiking packs. The CamelBak Forge: Forged for Adventure The bottle itself is easy to clean, including the lid. You just detach the lid, open the arm that connects to the spout and wash it out. There are no small areas to gather grime and create weird tastes. Lastly, the bottom of the bottle has a rubber buffer. A metal bottom would slick and slide easily, the rubber bottom keeps this from happening.

Overall it's a well thought out design. It's easy to use, looks good, and functions. What else could you want from a water bottle?

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