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CeleGear Survival Dog Tags

CeleGear Survival Dog Tags

A few days ago I was having a discussion with an Army buddy of mine and the title of a book came up that we had both read as children. The book we were talking about is called “The Hatchet” and the basic plot of the tale is a boy who was taking a trip on a plane that never made it to it destination and ended up crashing in the middle of a forest with the boy as the only survivor. Now, before the boy left for his flight he was given a gift that would end up saving his life and allowing him to survive in the wilderness, it was a hatchet. With todays security and restrictions at airports it is highly unlikely that you are going to be able to carry a hatchet or tomahawk on a plane, but what items could you possibly have on you that would aid in your survival. The CeleGear Survival Dog Tags were brought up.

The survival dog tag in appearance has the same shape and color as a traditional dog tag, hence the name, except it is made from 304 Stainless steel and is about 2-3 times thicker. It even comes with the standard 27’ ball chain to hang it from your neck. They even go so far as to include a measured length of 550 cord to put over the ball chain to prevent the pulling of our manly chest hair.

The dog tag itself is a piece of steel that has precut designs in it that you can punch out and use as needed. Additionally, they provide a sharpened edge to use as a knife or gut hook. It isn’t sharp enough to shave with but I can definitely skin a rabbit or cut some rope if needed. The survival dog tags are currently offered in two different configurations.

The Arrow Head/Gut Hook Dog Tag features a DOUBLE EDGED arrowhead/spear tip that can also be used as a small handheld cutting tool. The arrowhead includes Jimping for non-slip finger placement and securing notches. Using all space available, the dog tag outer body features a sharpened gut hook useful for cleaning game out in the field. Opposite the gut hook is more smartly placed jimping for added grip. CeleGear Survival Dog Tags The Broad Head/Frog Gig Spear Dog Tag features two tools that can be easily popped out in survival situations; a sharp arrow point and dual-pronged gig spear point. The gig spear point is very useful in both hunting and fishing applications with two inner prongs that can hook in and grab hold of your prey. The secondary broadhead can be used in all situations that call for a sturdy arrow point. Each tool features jimping for non-slip finger placement and securing notches. Jimping sections are also very usefully for scraping, striking ferro rods or feathering tinder. An additional feature on this Survival Dog Tag is a sharpened edge on the outer body with included gimping for grip options.

CeleGear Survival Dog Tags This is a pretty neat tool to have when camping, mountaineering, or even day hiking. Hopefully you will never need it but the space that it takes up and the weight it adds to your kit is virtually nothing. Do be careful though, the sharp on these tools can easily cut you so ensure that you use the rubber cover when not in use.

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