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Firearm kit checklist: What you need at the range and in the field

Firearm kit checklist: What you need at the range and in the field

Beginners with ammunition usually don’t have a great experience in the range or field. It is because they don’t know what to carry and leave behind. That way, they often skip important things like gun cleaning supplies and the range bag essentials. So, if you are also feeling confused about what to keep in your firearm kit, here we will guide you about everything you need and why you need it in your firearm kit.

Everything you need in your firearm kit.

Below are the 10 most important range bag essentials you must keep in your firearm kit when going to the range or the field.

1. Always start with the legal documentation and permits.

Any firearm kit and weapon bag must start with the essential documentation. You cannot use ammunition without legal documentation; if you are caught doing so, you can be legally punished. So, it is important to keep the permits, licenses, and any other important documents along with you, and the firearm kit is the best place to keep them since it always stays with your weapon.

If you don’t know the legalities, your dealer can help you with the necessary information.

2. Gun cleaning kit and cleaning patches

Keeping weapons is a hobby that needs attention and time, and your weapons will need the most attention when cleaning them. If you don’t keep your weapons clean, you can damage them over time. A gun cleaning kit and patches will be your handy way of always keeping the gun clean. These kits have all the brushes, rags, and other tools to help you clean your gun.

The best part about having it in your firearm kit is that you can clean your gun at the range or field right away,

3. Gun oil or lubricant

Visiting the shooting range keeps your shooting skills fresh. Similarly, you can keep the internals of your gun fresh with gun lubricants. There are different types of lubricants available, including pen lubricants. However, the one suitable for your gun will be mentioned in your gun's manual. The manual also tells you how to lubricate the gun and how much oil is required.

Remember that adding too much oil can be bad for the gun, its cover, and where you keep it since the extra oil may seep into the surroundings.

4. Eye and ear protection

Personal protection matters a lot when you are near weapons. Even when shooting away from yourself, the bullet shells can harm you, so keeping eye protection with you is always a good idea. Additionally, guns can be loud, especially in indoor shooting ranges. So, instead of getting permanent ear damage, you must carry some sort of ear protection to have a comfortable and fun experience.

In this case, The best thing you can get is an electronic earmuff that mutes the sounds of guns but allows you to keep communicating with people around.

5. Enough ammo supplies

You don’t want to be at the shooting range and know you don't have enough ammo. That will ruin the whole day, especially if you have some special plans. So, it is essential to keep enough spare ammo supplies for all your weapons. Depending on your gun, you can shoot 50 to 100 rounds with every visit to the field, so having at least double the required amount will be a good idea.

6. A belt and holster

When the gun stays put in its case, you won’t need a holster or a belt, but when you have to carry one, you will need one. It is essential since you don’t want to accidentally fire just by having your finger near the trigger.

Getting a holster or belt for your gun makes carrying easier and enhances the overall experience with your gun since you get more stress-free and confident about your gun being in a spare place.

7. Spare magazines

Whether you are a beginner with guns or have some experience, you don’t want to start reloading the magazine after some time at the range. So, the best solution is to have multiple magazines for a gun and keep them loaded. That way, you will enjoy a much better experience at the range with no reloading interruptions.

8. Magazine cleaning and maintenance accessories

Since you have spare magazines, you will also need dedicated accessories for your mags. The most important things for cleaning and maintaining your magazines are:

  • Magazine pouches
  • Cleaning brush for magazine
  • Silicon gun cloth

It means your magazines, like your gun, will always be clean and ready to go.

9. Multitool kit for gun

Sometimes you need to work on a gun, whether taking some accessory off or adding something to the gun. Similarly, sometimes your gun may require some opening to clean it thoroughly, and there is no better option than a gun multi-tool kit. With all the drivers, bits, and sockets in one place, you will never need to carry anything extra for the gun.

10. Loaders for magazines or revolvers

Lastly, keeping quick loaders in your firearm kit will make things more enjoyable in the field. You don't need to waste much time when you have to reload the magazine with ammo. It is because you just arrange the bullets correctly with the loaders, and they load instantly in one go. That saves you a lot of time. These are available in different magazines and revolvers.

The best part about having these is the comfort you buy for your thumbs.

Final Words:

Having the weapon only does not give you a complete experience at the field or the range. You must gather all the range bag essentials and keep them in your firearm kit. Keeping everything you need on the field gives you peace of mind and confidence, elevating your overall experience. So, whether you are going to the range for training or visiting the field to compete with your friends, carry all the essentials discussed above for a great shooting experience.

Image by Shepard Humphries from Pixabay

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