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Fortify your home before SHTF: Top tips you must not avoid

Fortify your home before SHTF: Top tips you must not avoid

You never know if someone is planning about bugging in your home or not. The friendliest neighbor or someone who passes by on the morning walk might be planning to break into your home. When someone breaks into your home, this situation is called SHTF, and your best practice to protect yourself is fortifying home before something bad happens.

Since many of you don’t know how to fortify your home, it is not only about installing the right lock, but there is much more. Here we will discuss the best tips to fortify home yourself.

Top tips to fortify your home before SHTF you must not avoid

Don’t know how to fortify your home? Here are the top tips you can follow for enhanced home security.

1. Never speak to anyone about how you are preparing your home

Whether taking the best practices to fortify home or not doing anything, the key to protecting yourself is never discussing anything with anyone. Don’t even talk about such matters to the friendliest Neighbor or anyone else around you.

Keeping these things a secret always confuses the other person into believing you are highly secure and prepared for such moments. Such thinking can prevent them from bugging in your home.

2. Keep an eye on the unusual people sneaking up on you

Intruders or other unusual people stalking your house must never be taken for granted. You must keep an eye on such people; the best solution is to install security cameras. Security cameras will let you see their faces during the day.

For night-time security for house, you can install motion-detection lights or take it to the next step by installing motion-detecting alarms. This way, whenever an unauthorized person moves toward your home, you will know, and they will also know. In most cases, they may simply run away.

3. Keep the interior of your home private by all means

In most cases, when someone is bugging in, they first have a look at the valuables inside your home. If you have your windows and doors uncovered and people can look inside, it will intrigue the burglar to break into your home.

For better security of your place, you must keep the interior of your home private. It becomes even more special during the nighttime since looking at what's happening inside is easier. The best way of doing it is by:

  • Covering windows and doors with curtains
  • Making everything look average
  • Never leave your expensive belongings outside

4. Guard the perimeter of your home in the best way possible

To fortify home and better security for house, you must guard the perimeter but doing something that looks obvious won't be smart. Adding tall fences will clarify that you want to protect something inside. So, go for a short wooden or chain fence since it fulfills the purpose. Other than that, you can use plants in the perimeter of your home that have defensive properties, including:

  • Century plant
  • Spanish bayonet
  • Firethorn
  • Tomato porcupine
  • Bougainvillea, etc.

You can also install some fake security signs.

Note: When using plants, you must keep some open space between the wall and plants to have a clear view. This way, you will know all moves of someone bugging in.

5. Secure the entry points in your home.

It is the part about security for house that many people follow. However, when doing that, you don’t want to restrict only to the basics. Instead, take your security to the next level with the following:

  • High-quality deadbolt cylinder locks
  • Solid wood doors
  • Longer screws for better grip
  • Portable door jammers for emergencies
  • Plant thorny bushes in front of windows
  • Install reliable window locks
  • Protect windows with a security film and burglar bars

With these installed, getting into your home from basic entry points will become difficult.

6. Be creative when setting your booby traps.

Don’t forget to set booby traps when you fortify home. Booby traps are surprising for intruders, making the situation more frustrating and forcing them to return outside. When setting these, you can go harmless or deadly, but a combination of all will be perfect in every case. Some of the best ideas you can use are:

  • Tripwires
  • Pit traps
  • Perimeter alarms
  • Motion-detecting alarms

7. Set up a safe room inside your home

The most important thing to learn about how to fortify your home is setting up your safe room. Some of the characteristics of your safe room include:

  • Hidden entry points
  • A reliable door that cannot be broken easily
  • Enough supply of food and water for some time
  • Good connectivity to call the forces for protection
  • Good collection of self-defense arms.

8. Prepare yourself and your family with self-defense arms.

Just having self-defense arms will not give you the protection that you need. To ensure that everyone in your home stays safe, you must teach everyone about using them. Things like crowbars, fire extinguishers, and baseball bats are safe for kids to try, and you can limit the usage of Tasers to responsible individuals only.

9. Keeping your lifestyle low-profile for the outdoor world is the key here

Keeping your lifestyle low-profile is considerably easy, and its impact on your safety is exceptional. You only need to do things like:

  • Looking average most of the time
  • Never bragging about your purchases
  • Destroying your receipts before throwing them in the trash
  • Never post personal stuff on social media
  • Not showing off with your expensive items

Since you will hide your real worth from people outdoors, staying safe will become much easier.

Final Words

Everyone is concerned about the security of their family and expensive belongings inside the home, but most people don’t take the right steps to ensure protection. If you didn’t know how to fortify your home, we hope this guide was helpful enough with the right tips and tricks.

Now you can be sure that your home won’t be taken by surprise, and even if someone breaks inside, you will have enough time to react for safety.

Image by press 👍 and ⭐ from Pixabay

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