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Tactical Fitness: How to Train Like a Professional

Tactical Fitness: How to Train Like a Professional

If you are getting ready to protect yourself and your family against every situation, you may have encountered the term tactical training. Some situations require a little more than just being physically fit; you need to be tactically fit. Moreover, your level of being tactically fit will determine whether you can protect yourself or your family in every situation.

So, here is everything you need to know about tactical training.

What is tactical fitness, and why is tactical training important?

Tactical fitness is being physically fit to deal with the job of firefighter, military, or police. These are the jobs that require you to deal with the hardest situations. Tactical fitness measures how well you can protect yourself and your family under different tactical situations. To be tactically fit, you must learn to run or swim for a specific distance.

Similarly, you may need to carry someone or some heavy equipment across a distance. The goal is to follow tactical training so you don’t get tired or need a break while going through the distance.

Important: Remember that it is not only about your physical abilities but also trains your mental abilities to deal with harsh situations quickly.

The importance of tactical training.

You never know when you must run across 200 yards in the shortest time possible to protect someone from a killer. Imagine being in such a situation, and you have to stop running just to take a break to breathe, and that will be life-threatening for the other person.

It means that you are not tactically fit. So, getting the right tactical training is essential if you are responsible for protecting someone in such a stressful situation.

Different types of tactical fitness training options you must know

When you want tactical fitness training, you cannot rely on the basic fitness workout activities you do at the gym or by yourself. Unlike other workouts, tactical fitness training activities put you through intense pressure. Below are the top 4 tactical fitness training activities that can prepare you for almost every situation.

1. Face-to-Face Combat

Facing someone bigger and stronger than you will train your mental and physical abilities. You must try for around a minute to take them down, and the process will tire you out while making you stronger with every take since you will learn new techniques every time.

2. The Barricade

It includes taking a barricade to shield yourself while you shoot. Practice shooting in both standing and kneeling positions. Fire 2 rifle rounds while standing and kneeling, each while protecting your body behind the barricade. This training will enhance your physical defense and shooting aim.

3. Threat Command

Threat command is when you try to take on your opponent right between another exercise. You need to set a target, and while walking with some heavy weight, you have to drop it down and immediately start shooting at the target. This training will sharpen your muscle memory and aiming skills,

4. Farmer-Walk Barbells

You will be training to take some weight across a distance without stopping. It trains your grip and forearms since you walk for at least 25 yards for each iteration, and you cannot stop or drop the barbells. For immense training experience, try with at least 115 pounds of total weight on each hand.

How to start and maintain your tactical training?

Now that you know the tactical workout options, practicing them correctly is very important. Below are the most important things you must follow when starting your tactical workout plan:

1. Start by understanding the goals and motivation

When starting your tactical athlete workout plan, you must have a clear goal and motivation supporting that goal. Following this mindset through training makes you mentally calm and focused, so you can deal with tactical survival situations with the same determination you followed during training.

2. Train your upper body and go the extra mile.

While the fitness of your whole body is important, a tactical athlete workout plan requires your upper body to be stronger since the functional capabilities and responsiveness matter mostly on the upper body. So, make these movements a part of your workout plan:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups

You must always try to go the extra mile when training your upper body. Our bodies can do much more than we think; pushing limits helps us explore our capabilities.

3. Workout with others, if possible, excel at rucking

Sometimes tactical workouts can become boring, or you may lose motivation. You must work out with others to stay focused on what you are doing. It will make you push yourself, add different things to your tactical athlete workout plan, and, most importantly, you will learn teamwork, which is very important for tactical survival.

Rucking is a crucial part of a tactical athlete workout plan and does not require specific equipment or experience. So, try rucking for at least 5 miles weekly as a baseline for your tactical fitness.

4. Take care of your diet.

If you are training hard and not taking care of what your body needs, then your training will not be beneficial for a long time. Soon you may start getting injuries, so feeding your body with a nutritious diet is important. Proteins, veggies, fruits, etc., can give you the energy to recover from a workout and to train further.

5. Stay positive about what you are doing.

Training for tactical situations makes you better physically and mentally. However, people who cannot achieve the same fitness level may pass some negative comments. That’s something that you must ignore and only focus on the positives of it.

Final Verdict

Every man must be strong enough to protect himself, his family, and others. While regular fitness activities make you physically fit and enable you to protect yourself, you cannot expect yourself to save others if you don’t have been through a tactical workout. Since it differs from other workouts, we hope this guide has shown you the right path toward tactical fitness training with all the activities that can make you tactically fit.

Image by rieslingtrocken from Pixabay

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