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Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved

Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved

It’s no secret that the guys at Crate Club have a good relationship with Gatorz. This isn’t just a business relationship, but a relationship we’ve built by using their products. A lot of us used Gatorz in and out of our military service. Why? Because they’re strong, dependable, and stylish. They avoid the overt 90s look of most Eye pro, but still offer the protection to keep your eyes in your head. The Gatorz Magnums sunglasses are a natural inclusion into our Premium Crate. Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved

No Second Chances

Your eyes don’t get a second chance. Yes, we’re are blessed with two, but tend to use them both. Protecting your eyes is a crucial task for anyone. It’s not just about protecting them from IED shrapnel or firing a 300 Blackout round in a 5.56 rifle. It’s about fighting the sun, avoiding dust and dirt, and of course making easy transitions between the indoors and outdoors. Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved The Gatorz Glasses use TruRay optics with 100% UV blocking protection. They are made from a polycarbonate material that’s extremely durable and designed to last. It’s impact resistant and features a nice scratch resistant coating. I can attest to the scratch-resistant coating. I keep these in my range bag, and that’s not a gentle place to be. Between AK mags, random rounds of ammo, Snap Caps, cleaning gear, and gun oil its basically Mos Eisley cantina. I’m not a gentle person with my bag either. They are still crystal clear. Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved I live in a humid environment and any trip to the range means embracing the suck of Florida heat. That often means sweat and fog on sub-par lenses. I haven’t had that issue just yet.

 Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved

Tough On the Outside

The Gatorz Magnums are made from 7075 billet aluminum and feature a 5 barrel hinges and the Gatorz Classic 4 rivet system. They are made to last, and also made to fit comfortably. They feel nice even on my extra large brain housing group. Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved

On the Range

As a gun guy, I gave the Gatorz Magnums the biggest test at the range. Between testing a wide variety of gear I've gotten a lot of time at the range wearing these bad boys. I will say even after hours of shooting, note taking and photography I never felt the need to take them off and give me head a break. They feel slightly tight, but no it a restrictive way. More like a ‘they won't fall off’ way. Between shooting in odd positions and setting up cameras in even odder positions they always stayed put. Gatorz Eyewear Magnums: Duty Approved   I’m lucky enough to have never had anything blow up on me, so I can't speak to their shrapnel protection, but their use by armed professionals across the world is testament enough for me.  

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