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Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Ever since I started venturing out into the woods as a young kid it was always suggested to me that I have some sort of multi-tool with me. After all, why carry a pocket knife when you could carry so much more? The name that immediately comes to mind when I talk about multi-tools is Gerber. So much so in fact, that almost everyone I ran into in the military referred to every multi-tool as a Gerber. Like the way some people call all sodas cokes. Gerber has perfected the multi-tool for any type of use in any profession.

With all the different configurations that Gerber already offers, it’s hard to think of how they can step up their game at all. Well they did exactly that with the Gerber Center-Drive. The Gerber Center-Drive doesn’t open in a butterfly style like many multi-tools do, but instead the pliers slide directly out the front by depressing a small button on the side. I have had several Gerber products that operate the same way. I like the design because it makes it very easy to open one-handed as well as allows this multi-tool to be spring-loaded when using the pliers. Gerber Center-Drive Multi-tool The pliers on the Center-Drive are in a needle nose style with a cut out textured portion in the center for those hard to turn objects and Carbide wire cutting blades at the very base of the pliers. In the past with the butterfly style multi-tools, I have used them to cut wire with, if it was of the thicker variety it wouldn’t cut and would instead force the pliers off center while not cutting the object. I have yet to run into that problem with these.

One side of the tool houses most of your standard equipment that would be found in a tool like this.  Some things that are available to you on that side are a ruler, bottle opener, pry bar, a fine and course file, serrated blade and to keep them all from collapsing on you is a spring loaded tool lock. On the opposite side accompanying the fine edge blade is what is setting this multi-tool apart. A 3.25” center-axis bit driver has the ability to change out tips to accommodate any type of screwing you might need to do. Making the driver the length that it is allows for an easier turn similar to a full size screw driver. Gerber Center-Drive Multi-tool The name Gerber has been synonymous with quality multi-tools for years and they continue to improve. For an all-around multi-tool, look to the Gerber Center-Drive for your needs and you will have all the capabilities that you could need. The only thing that could make me more excited is if this model came with a C4 punch, but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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