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The Killing School | Inside The Worlds Deadliest Sniper Program

The Killing School | Inside The Worlds Deadliest Sniper Program

You could say I had cheated death once again, but I didn’t see it that way. Orpheus may have tricked Hades; Ingmar Bergman may have had Max von Sydow play chess with death; but those are only stories. In real life death isn’t something you cheat or outmaneuver. Death is like the wind: it blows where it wants to blow.” This is an excerpt from the Prologue of Brandon Webb’s newest book, The Killing School.

Often I hear people refer to themselves or someone else as a “Sniper” because they are a good shot with a rifle. This really does a discredit to our actual Snipers who are really much than just a fair shot. In The Killing School Brandon Webb describes just that, it's not a matter of being able to make a long distance precision shot but being able to move undetected, conduct reconnaissance, and be mentally ahead of your enemy.

Throughout the book he describes the revamping of the SEAL’s Sniper school and explains the behind the scenes of what really goes on besides shooting. The mental and physical toughness that is required to be not only a true Sniper but a Special Operations Sniper is unparalled by any other force in the world. From inside looks at the School itself to real life accounts of putting their skills to the test, The Killing School opens your eyes to the true meaning behind the term “Sniper”.

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