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Mastering Survival Tech could save your life.

Mastering Survival Tech could save your life.

In a survival situation, you must make the most out of the least available resources. However, having the right resources will not get the job 100% done. Knowing how to use survival gear is the most important thing. Mastering survival tech could save your life in almost every situation.

Top 10 tech gear you must master to go through survival situations.

The following are the top 10 survival tech gear that you need to have and master using to deal with any situation.

1. Portable generators

Our life depends on electricity as everything around us runs on it. When you are in a disastrous situation, the first thing you will lose is a stable electricity supply. It is when you need something to produce electricity; portable generators can help a lot. There are different versions, with each one having its pros and cons.

Mastering the usage of fuel-driven portable generators can help you in situations where you have an ample supply of fuel. However, it becomes useless if there is no fuel. You can replace that one with portable UPS, but the electricity needs to be charged. However, having a solar charger may get you through this situation.

2. Emergency radio

You need to communicate with your team or family, whether out in the wild, hiking or hit by a natural disaster. Usually, your smartphone will not have any coverage under such circumstances, and that's where emergency radio comes into play. These run on batteries and can help you wirelessly communicate with people around you.

So, when you get a set of emergency radios for your family or team, teach everyone how to use it efficiently so they can make the most out of it in emergencies.

3. Solar chargers

Solar chargers come in different forms and sizes, and they are best known for providing you with a stable supply of electricity as long as you have got exposed to the sun. Some have built-in inverters and provide enough power to charge small gadgets with USB power.

On the other hand, some are bigger and need the inverter to power your 110-240 volt appliances. However, to use them to their fullest, you must master placing them at the correct angle to produce the most juice out of the available sunlight.

4. Compass and GPS navigators

It does not matter whether you have an old-school compass, a digital GPS navigator, or you are using nature to create your compass as long as you don't know how to use them. Although digital GPS navigators make things much easier, you must learn how to get the right directions since these devices do not come with many smart features apart from showing you the location and direction.

Learning a compass can be much simpler but does not provide much information about your surroundings.

5. Portable lantern and flashlight

A portable light is essential to spend time in the dark, and there are multiple lanterns and flashlights that you may use. However, there are multiple things you must master about them, including the best way to put them or hang them so that they spread light efficiently.

Additionally, it is important to know about their battery backup since most products do not meet the specifications mentioned on the packaging because of environmental factors. When you know about all the real-life performances of your flashlight/lantern, you can efficiently use it.

6. Portable jump starter kit

A portable jump starter kit is an essential tech survival gear that can save you in multiple scenarios. Although designed to jump-start vehicles with a drained battery, these kits have multiple output options, including USB ports and a 12-volt standard output.

Some even come with built-in flashlight functionalities and act as a power back as well. However, these need electricity for charging, usually 240 volts or under. Learning about the charging time of this kit as well as its power output, will always keep you ready no matter what the circumstances are.

7. Fire chargers

Just like a solar charger that works with the power from the sun, a fire charger works from fire. There is a part where you need to start a fire, and while charging small devices like smartphones, emergency navigation, and radio, you can use this as a stove. Enough fire is essential; for that, you must know how to start it, how to collect wood for the fire in survival situations, and how to keep the fire going.

8. Water flow chargers

Water flow chargers are effective when you get enough running water supply. So, if you are on a hike and have a stream of water or a canal on the way, these chargers will be efficient enough to charge small things like a smartphone or a flashlight. To use a water flow charger with maximum efficiency, you must put it in the correct orientation.

Additionally, as per the flow of water, this charger needs support at the back so that it does not flow away.

9. Emergency water filter

Hydration is among the most important things when you are in a survival situation. It is also the hardest, as you may not carry enough water with you all the time. The emergency portable water filter works like a life savior since options allow you to drink water directly from any source, including lakes.

10. Survival fire tool kit

A fire starter survival tool kit contains multiple tools for multiple purposes, and the main thing to learn using here is the fire starting tools. Some have electric lighters that need charging, while some need you to strike two given metals together. Having one will be beneficial in all-natural disasters and other conditions.


Final Thoughts

Gathering all your survival gear is the half part of the preparation. The other half comes from mastering their usage. You don't want to be stuck in a situation where you have the right tools but don't know how to use them to your advantage. So, with this guide, you will learn which items to have and how to use them under any circumstances.

Image by Simon from Pixabay 

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