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Preparing for an EMP attack

Preparing for an EMP attack

We highly rely on electricity and technology, and an electromagnetic pulse attack can cut this out. An EMP attack can make electricity in whole countries go down, which also shuts down the technology creating serious issues including defense, climate change, etc.

How does an EMP attack affect?

Learning how this attack works and how it can affect you is vital before you start preparing against it. An EMP attack can be caused due to a nuclear blast, using electromagnetic bombs, or extreme solar events that happen due to harsh weather.

When it happens, there is a risk to the whole electric system of the area as the electromagnetic pulse can damage the electric systems. Such an attack can make whole power stations and grid lines out of power rendering every technology useless.

How to prepare for an EMP attack to increase your survival chances.

An EMP attack itself does not cause major loss of life. However, its aftereffects can be deadly. It is because when trying to survive in such situations, you have to fight against the situation and intruders. So, below are a few things you can do to prepare against such an attack:

1. Equip yourself with a Faraday bag.

An EMP attack causes so much damage without any physical damage because of the electromagnetic pulse. It affects electric devices and can damage them permanently or make them ineffective for several days.

The only way to prevent that is by putting your electronic equipment in the faraday bag. Alternatively, you can also get a faraday cage because both protect whatever's inside from EMP. If you don't have any buying options, see how you can make it as a DIY Faraday bag.

2. Learn using non-electric tools.

As soon as the electricity runs out due to an EMP attack, you will find yourself in a world decades ago. There will be no power tools or smart things, so you have to do everything your ancestors used to do.

Depending on how quickly the situation is restored to normal, you may have to use manual tools and equipment for some time. So, learn the right technique to work with different hand-held items. You don't want to be limited by the lack of knowledge about the tactical stuff.

3. Guard yourself to protect yourself from intruders.

Situations like EMP attacks create fear; not everyone knows how to deal with it calmly. Some people choose violence to deal with such situations. So, when protecting your home and family, you will need supplies, including weapons and ammunition.

These will be effective against any intruders. This way, you can protect your property, family, and, most importantly, your limited supplies.

4. Get an ample supply of food sources.

There are higher chances that you will find most things unavailable under an EMP attack. So, grabbing all the supplies as you prepare for such an attack is essential. Canned foods are great as they last long. You also need to invest in some pre-made meals since you don’t need a lot of resources to prepare and consume them.

The main goal here must be meeting your nutrition needs. Apart from food supplies, you also need to grab toiletries and other essential supplies.

5. Don’t forget to keep medical supplies and first aid kits.

While packing things up to prepare for an EMP attack, remember the medical supplies and first aid kits. When you cannot go out of home, you must deal with any medical issues alone. So, it is essential to have a good stock of medical supplies at your place, whether you are dealing with health complications or not.

Also, get some tapes and glue guns to make the bandages stick longer. A major component of your first aid kit will be a pair of scissors for cutting bandages.

6. Manage a way of communication.

When in such situations, you cannot stay without communication. Whether it is about communication with your family members, a friend with a tactical mindset, or your family, you cannot stay without communication.

The best way to contact your loved ones in an emergency like this is by having emergency radio systems. Make sure that you keep it in the faraday bag as otherwise, and it may be useless. Having an emergency radio in such situations can be vital for communicating.

7. Master using the tactical tech gear if you have any.

Your tactical tech gear will come in very handy under these situations. However, you don't have a lot of chances to make mistakes and learn from them. So, mastering all your tactical gear beforehand is the right way to survive such situations. You must know the right way to use anything that you have. For instance, if you have a solar charger, learn how to deploy it for maximum efficiency.

8. Master using your survival tools and weapons.

Weapons based on technology may fail to perform under an EMP attack due to a power outage. So, you need to rely on old-school tools and weapons. Whether for a utility purpose or for protecting your home from an intruder, you must learn how to utilize your weapons and tools efficiently.

For tools like fire starters, you must have some extra fuel. Similarly, extra stock ammunition for any tool that you use.

9. Always manage a backup power source for any electric devices you store.

In a power outage due to an EMP attack, you never know how quickly you will run out of battery charging in any electrical device you keep. So, when preparing your faraday bag, keep the following:

  • Solar charger
  • Power bank
  • Hand crank charger, etc.

Tip: You must place all these inside the Faraday bag, but extra batteries can be kept outside.


An EMP attack can create mass disruption among people. While there is no physical damage due to the attack, it creates a sense of fear that can make people do weird things. You can only survive an attack of such scale by preparing physically and mentally strong enough to make the most out of your tactical survival gear.

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