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Tactical Clothing Essentials

Tactical Clothing Essentials

Whenever the word tactical comes into discussion,  people often think it is about all those cool gadgets and tools that help survival. However, it is much more than that, as when you are in survival situations, you need to be fully equipped with all types of stuff, and you are not good to go without your tactical clothing essentials.

Tactical clothing essentials you must have to deal with every situation.

If you are preparing yourself for harsh outdoor conditions, it is necessary to have the following tactical clothing essentials. 

1. Tactical jacket

You first need a jacket because it protects you from extreme weather conditions. A tactical jacket is much different from any other jacket as it offers protection from the weather and has armor integrations along with tons of compartments to keep different tools and gadgets for easier accessibility.

You may find multiple options when getting a tactical jacket. So, ensure to match its color with other clothes and get one according to the conditions that you will be in.

2. Tactical shirt

Several shirts are marketed as tactical shirts as they protect from the weather and environment, whether you wear them without a jacket or with one. Tactical shirts have basic features, including polo design, buttoned shirts, and even sleeve choices.

A very important feature to look for is stretchable material for better movement. You may also select a shirt that offers breathability and water resistance for comfort in humid, rainy, or snowy conditions.

3. Body armor

Body armor protects specific parts of the body from major impacts. Those impacts can include a bullet, an attack from an animal, or nature. So, getting this under your tactical clothing will give you the added protection you need.

The most basic body armor protects your upper abdomen and chest region from gunshots. Getting ones with metal shields inside may feel heavier, but these protect against stabbing and other physical attacks.

4. Tactical pants

Now moving towards the lower body region, you will start with the pants that cover you and provide you with a lot of accessibility. With padded knees, reinforced crotch, and lots of pockets, the tactical pants make a good option since they are highly durable.

However, when buying your tactical pants, you must be careful about the specifications you need. There are various options with several pockets according to the number of gadgets you need to carry.

5. Tactical belt

A regular belt only holds the pants in their place, but tactical belts are responsible for much more than that. These have storage to carry your gadgets and tools and hook loops to hang things like flashlights, multitools, and knives.

With the right tactical belt, you can reach the tools or gadgets quicker than any other pockets on your dress. These are very durable because of the solid, durable material that does not rip off as easily. So, you don't have to worry about your weight on this belt.

6. Tactical shoes

In tactical situations, your favorite sneakers or exercise shoes won't last a moment. You need something that gives you more grip on the ground without affecting your body from what comes under your feet. The tactical boots provide reliable support to your feet, from the toes to the legs.

They have thick under materials, so your feet don't feel anything you step on. The toes come under the protective covering, and with laces going up, your ankles and heel get support. With these shoes, you can go to any rugged terrain.

7. Tactical socks

Getting everything from the tactical clothing category and using regular socks does not fit quite well. Tactical socks are much different than regular socks because of the following:

  • Stretchable material
  • Ripstop fabric
  • Cargo pockets
  • Better breathability and durability
  • Reliable zippers and much more

In short, these are designed to deal with a rugged environment like all other tactical clothing essentials.

8. Shemagh

A Shemagh is a special type of scarf often used by military professionals. Although it does not provide structural support, it can cover the head, face, and neck under extreme heat conditions. Moreover, it blends in well with tactical clothing for stealth situations.

9. Tactical gloves

Under a tactical situation, you don't want to create problems for any body part. Hands have to go through a lot, from dealing with the cold environment to holding hot weapons. Considering all these things, tactical gloves have everything you need for your hands.

These provide the best grip and weather resistance while keeping it breathable. No matter how hot or cold you carry with your hands, you won't feel discomfort.

10. Tactical backpack

The tactical backpack is the last thing you don't want to miss out on. These bags are made to withstand heavy weights that you cannot put in any other bags. Moreover, with strategic design, these bags make the best use of tight space to carry as many items as possible.

With tear resistance, ripping-off protective stitching, and water resistance, these bags accompany you in every situation. The material of these bags is kept lightweight and durable.

Tips for maintaining your tactical clothing.

Maintaining your tactical clothing is not that hard. Here are a few tips you may follow to make your tactical clothes last longer.

  • Always check any hooks, buttons, or zippers before wearing them.
  • Burn any loose threads and stitch holes to make clothes last longer.
  • Wash and dry both inside and outside, and always air dry.
  • Be careful about the pointy and sharp objects around you.
  • Store all pieces correctly.
  • Pick the right ones according to the conditions outside.

Following all these, you can efficiently use your clothes under any tactical condition.

Final Verdict

It was the ultimate tactical clothing essentials list you must follow for any circumstance. Having all the clothes prepares you to combat any situation with the right tools and mindset. You must also learn how to maintain your tactical clothing as these are not immune to damage, and by maintaining them properly, you can enjoy a much better experience.


Image by Gidon Pico from Pixabay 

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