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Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It

Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It

Size and weight is always a massive concern when it comes to survival gear. When it comes to packing a bug out bag the old maxim of Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain is quite true. At the same time, you want enough gear to get you through whatever shit situation you find yourself in. This is where the gear from Survivor Filter comes into play. Crate Club has secured both the Survivor Filter they are named after as well as their collapsible canteen system. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It The ability to purify water is a must-have in this world. As a Marine, we carried water purification tablets in our IFAKs and the majority of us were issued pen type water filters for deployment. You live and die by your ability to drink water and if the water is putrid you are out of the fight. Survival Filter wants to keep you in the fight, but does it?

The Survivor Filter

This is a pen style filtration system that’s designed to filter water from natural sources. The Survivor Filter cleans water down to a filtration level of .05 microns. What exactly does that mean? I didn't know so I dived into it and the filtration level is the rating of how fine the filtration is. The smaller the number the finer the filtration. .05 filtration is the finest level of filtration you can get to. The only downside to such a filtration level is how slow the water passes through it. However, it's much better than catching something like giardia. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It The filter was independently tested by Intertek labs to prove it removed 99.99% of virus, staph, bacteria and to reduce heavy metals. All in a compact 5.7-ounce package. It does this through three filters. The first is a cotton pre-filter that’s easy to replace and the kit includes 5 extra. Inside is the ultrafilter, and past that is the carbon filter. Every piece is replaceable with the carbon and cotton pre-filter lasting 264 gallons of water. The internal ultra filter needs to be cleaned regularly but replaced after 26,000 gallons of water. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It Unlike other filters, the Survivor filter is designed to go in your mouth and be used as a straw. The actual portion that makes contact with your mouth has a great cap that covers and protects that spout. Its a super efficient system for drinking water on the go. You only have to stop long enough to gather the water. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It The side opposite the mouthpiece has a threaded end that can accept the threads of the two included collapsible canteens or the threads of most water bottles. At least the ones that follow the Coke 28mm thread pattern. This includes Smart Water bottles and Dasani.

The Collapsible Canteens

The included collapsible canteens are very small and weigh a mere 2.4 ounces. They can be collapsed, rolled up, and carried in the pocket. When they are filled they even stand on their own. Oh, and they will each carry 33 ounces of water. Their collapsible nature, combined with the compact Survivor filter makes it a pocket-sized system that’s perfect for a bug out bag. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It Admittedly they have a little flavor to them when they are brand new, but after some use as my gym water bottle, it went away in about a week. Personally, I'm always looking to cut weight, reduce bulk and improve the usability of my bag. The Survivor Filter and Collapsible canteen are a perfect pair for performance and

Does it Work?

I mean there was only one way to test the Survivor filter and that was to find some water in the wild and take a big sip. In the US and Canada, most water is rated as safe for filtration only purification methods. That being said drinking random lake water may not always be the best idea with just a water filter. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It Moving water is always better than stagnant water, and if you go with stagnant water I suggest both filtering it and boiling it first. I’m a better safe than sorry kind of guy. However, for this testing, I didn't do such a thing. Let’s be clear sometimes you won't have the time, the tools, or the ability to start a fire and boil water until its purified. In these cases, you’ll just have your filter. I knew of a local river and since its cold now one looked at me oddly when I took a healthy sample in my collapsible canteen. First, we had to see what the water looked like going from one canteen to the other. The included carabiners make it easy to see what canteen is what. Here are our results. Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It I took a big sip and the anus clinching thought of a week of violent diarrhea and antibiotics was on my mind. Interestingly enough the flavor was more plastic than foul water. I can’t complain. I didn't taste or feel any grit from the filter to my mouth Survivor Filter Squeeze kit - Purify It

Working and Working

This thing is a workhorse. This little guy really does do as advertised, and we really wouldn't expect anything less than that when it comes to Crate Club gear. The Survivor Filter checks those necessary marks when it comes to an effective piece of a bug out bag. It works, works well, is compact, lightweight, and simple to use. Does it get better than that?

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