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Tactical Loadouts: What You Should Know

Tactical Loadouts: What You Should Know

When you are preparing your tactical loadout gear, you never know what type of
survival situation you may face. You may come across a wide range of problems, so
having gear to tackle every kind of issue is very important. So, if you need any help
regarding your prepper loadout, here is our complete guide with everything you
need to know.

Your complete guide to creating a tactical loadout for every survival situation

Tools and weapons

We will start our prepper loadout guide with the tools and weapons that you need to pack.


Start the tactical loadout packing by choosing the firearms that you need. Usually, it is a good idea to keep two weapons where one will be your main, and the other will be your sidearm. The sidearm can be more portable, so you can take it everywhere with you, even when you cannot carry bigger rifles.

Firearm maintenance tools

Next up on the list are the maintenance tools for your firearms, which may include
cleaning and opening supplies. Firearms need regular maintenance, and if you skip this section, you may not be able to clean and maintain your weapons very well, resulting in damaging them.

Tactical tools

What you need apart from weapons are the tactical tools that will help you in
survival situations. These tools usually come in a form where one product has
multiple tools built in. These include axes, knives, saws, screwdrivers, can openers, and much more. Going for the compact ones will be very beneficial since they are easy to carry, and you get the job done with them with ease.
This Steel Jacket multitool might be your perfect companion for survival since it
offers multiple tools in one compact package.

Gadgets and electronics

Headlamps and Flashlights

The most important thing in the gadgets and electronics category is light since
when you are in survival situations, you don't know if you will have electricity or not. So, you must manage some headlamps and mountable and hand-held flashlights inyour tactical loadout. In fact, try to get some rechargeable or hand-cranked ones, so you don't have to worry about their battery life running out.

Communication devices

Another important thing for these situations will be communication devices since
you may be cut off from most of the modern-day communication mediums. Going
for old-school phones, radios, and wireless radio communication units will help you communicate with other people in your range.

Emergency power solutions

If you have any type of electronic device, then you must manage a spare energy
solution for it. Some good options include regular batteries, rechargeable batteries, and chargers. It is a good idea to not rely on the main electricity but instead go for solar-powered chargers to keep your electronics’ batteries topped up.

First aid and nutrition

Survival becomes impossible when you are not taking care of your health and
nutrition. So, here is what you need to pack for nutrition and first-aid requirements.

First-aid kit

The first aid kit that you pack must include all the basic consumable medicines like painkillers for other special medications that are prescribed to you specifically. Apart from that, there must be enough supplies to deal with external wounds. It includes band-aids, alcohol wipes, ointments, etc.

Water purification

Water is of vital importance in our lives, and it is crucial to keep some sort of water purification system with you. These things help you drink water safely from any available system by instantly removing all the germs and particles from it. Keeping multiple pocket-water purifiers will be an ideal condition for tactical survival along with some storage containers.


Lastly, you must be very considerate of your nutrition. Going for high-calorie foods that don't require any cooking will be a great choice. You may opt for non-
perishable canned goods that can be instantly consumed for an even better
experience. See your nutrition requirements and pack enough food for all the
individuals that you plan to protect. While you are packing your rations and other first-aid items, this Packstack bag might be the perfect option to efficiently use all the space inside your backpack.

Clothing and shelter

Lastly, we must include some tactical clothes and emergency shelter items since we never know what type of environment we will be staying in.

Emergency shelter

When you are staying outdoors, you must manage some sort of shelter. Usually,
there are natural shelters available, but sometimes, you can create them by using
supplies from nature. However, sometimes managing those is neither easy nor
efficient, and that's where going for emergency shelter solutions will protect you
from heat, cold, rain, etc.

Bullet-proof vest

A bullet-proof vest is not only beneficial for protection against bullets, but it can
protect you from other impacts and even some animal attacks. These qualities
make the bullet-proof vest an important tactical gear loadout element. The best
part is that wearing them gives you the peace of mind that you will be safe even
when someone shoots you.

Extreme weather clothing

Finally, get some extreme weather clothing, especially for rainy and cold weather.
Regular clothes cannot manage these conditions, so getting special clothing will
help you stay safe from the side effects of extreme weather.

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