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The Best Gear To Have On Hand During an EMP Attack

The Best Gear To Have On Hand During an EMP Attack

There are multiple situations where you need complete preparation for tactical
survival conditions. One of those situations is an EMP attack, and this type of
survival condition requires slightly different gear in addition to your regular survival
gear. So, if you are working on your EMP recreation, this guide contains all the
information that you need.

Everything you need to know about EMP attacks

An EMP attack is a condition where there is a wide burst of electromagnetic pulse.
This pulse covers a lot of areas, and this attack can either be natural or artificial.
What makes this attack so concerning is that the electromagnetic pulse may take
out all the electronics in the range of that pulse. So, if you ever face this, you may note that not only your electronics but the official systems like main supply, and other organizations may malfunction. Surviving such an attack can be critical since our lives today heavily rely on electronics.

10 most important things to have on hand during an EMP attack

1. Faraday cage or bag

A faraday bag or cage should be the top priority when EMP prepping oneself to
shield electronics from the electromagnetic pulse of an EMP attack. When you cover these objects, the ability of communication devices, flashlights, and other important electronics is saved. It is a simple yet significant method to secure against the damaging effects of an EMP on today's technology.

2. LED lights with portable power solutions

Lights based on LEDs are the best option to preserve illumination in case of power shutdown caused by the EMP. When you use these lights and use the solar chargers and power banks alongside, you have a reliable light source that can continuously be used. This feature not only offers low energy usage but also robustness, so it is appropriate for operation in a remote area without electricity.

3. Solar energy generation solutions

Solar panels and solar generators are lifesavers when an EMP attack happens,
therefore, get the renewable energy source that is needed to power vital devices.
Different from fuel-powered generators, solar options do not depend on a supply
chain of fuel to carry out operations; they provide a sustainable way of generating
electricity, especially when the grid is down, making sure critical needs are not

4. Hand-crank electronics

Hand-crank radios, flashlights and chargers are a necessary part of the EMP
preparation scenario. These devices don't require power from external sources or
batteries and provide a reliable method to obtain important information, light and
power. Managing the process manually makes it possible to use basic services that do not depend on the performance of other energy solutions.

5. Manual tools and kitchen utensils

The substitution of electric-powered appliances with simple manual tools and
kitchen utensils has become a necessity for kitchens with power outages. They
range from manual openers to hand-powered drills and ensure that you can fulfill
the primary tasks such as food preparation and equipment repair, which bring
normalcy and agency to challenging situations. In fact, something as simple as a
folding knife can help you in prepping meals and other tasks during an EMP attack.

6. Fire starting kit

Starting a fire without flinching in such trials is essential when it comes to staying
alive, cooking, and signaling by using:

  • Waterproof matches
  • Lighter
  • Fire starters

Starting a fire could be a life-saving skill for those who are exposed to situations where capabilities to heat and cook are limited. Thus, giving them warmth and survival capabilities in the post-EMP survival situation. Keeping a waterproof refillable lighter can save you from all the worries about starting a fire during an EMP.

7. First aid kit

One of the most important elements of survival kits is the supplies to treat injuries, manage diseases, and provide your body with its needs of medical care. In the aftermath of an EMP, there will be a period of chaos that will cause instability in the supply of healthcare services, making it a necessity for people to be fully equipped with the resources to deal with health matters on their own to minimize health hazards.

8. Water filtration tools

Access to fresh drinking water is paramount, without which you can safely use
portable filters or purification tablets to ensure that any water source is safe for
drinking. They are crucial for ensuring clean water and being free of waterborne
diseases, especially when a public water system is compromised, as having access to clean water is one of the critical features of staying alive in any emergency case.

9. Spare batteries (both rechargeable and non-rechargeable)

For stockpiling during EMP preparation, the preferred thing is to buy spare batteries for all kinds of devices that are both rechargeable and non-rechargeable and use these batteries for flashlights and radios. The use of different batteries at yourdisposal ensures that you have the energy sources for all your devices, there by guaranteeing energy security in an unpredictable environment.

10. Non-perishable food

The perishability of food items is very important in maintaining the nutrition supply
when the supply chains are disrupted. Objects like canned foods, dried fruits, nuts, and energy bars have prolonged shelf life and do not require refrigeration, thus providing you with essential nutrients in times of no traditional food source, ensuring that you watch over your health and energy level in demanding situations.

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