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TEGS Tape | Get a Grip

TEGS Tape | Get a Grip

In the world of outdoor sports and tactical athletes, maintaining a strong grip and positive control of your weapon, paddle, litter, etc is always a high priority. Grip tape is usually a go to piece of gear that we usually try to enhance our grip with, but it isn’t without consequences. Grip tape is very abrasive and can really rub your skin raw, especially if you are using it on something heavy like a poled litter with a casualty. You can always put gloves on but eventually your 100 dollar gloves are going to feel the effects of the rough grip tape. Finally, a way to combat slipping grips and destroyed hands has come in the form of <strong>TEGS Tape</strong>.

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TEGS stands for Technically Enhanced Grip System and is offered by LOF Tactical in 1”x36” wrap strips, Die cut firearm decals, ovals, and 12”x12” sheets. All of these products are backed with 3m adhesive tape that provides a secure way for mounting. TEGS tape can be mounted on anything that you would normally need an enhanced grip for like weapons grips or polled litters.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-27750 size-large" src="" alt="TEGS Tape | Get a Grip" width="1024" height="681" />TEGS is basically thousands of micro gripping dots, so small in fact that there are over 3,000 micro dots per square inch. The TEGS by itself can improve your grip with a bare hand by up to 40 percent but is soft to the touch and maintains its properties even when wet. The impressive part of the TEGS is when it is actually combined with itself. LOF Tactical describes this as a Part A and Part B system. Part B is anything that you are applying the TEGS Tape to like weapons grips, litter grips, or breaching tools. Again, this alone will increase your grip strength. I tested this also with standard tactical gloves, specifically my Oakleys, and it is a significant increase in grip over bare hands. Now, the part A is considered anything that the TEGS material is combined with like if it were to be sewn or fastened onto gloves somehow. As a matter of fact, Line of Fire Tactical developed such gloves with TEGS laced into the palm of the gloves.
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When combined to itself TEGS transforms itself into not only a better form of grip tape but a combination between that and Velcro. When the applied in such a manner the TEGS tape improves your grip by over 280 percent! The microdots intertwine with each other in such a manner that is acts as a Velcro type material but it is easily deactivated by simply releasing your hand versus ripping it off like hook and loop, and its silent.

Imagine during VBSS you are climbing a caving ladder up the side of a ship, it does get sketchy because of the combination of water and the metal rungs. Apply TEGS tape to every rung and get the LOF Double Down gloves and now every time you touch a rung of that caving ladder you have a 280 percent better grip. That’s Impressive. This product truly has limitless possibilities and is really only contained by your imagination. Get some from and try to find some ways TEGS can improve your grip on life.

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