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The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic

The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic

One of our latest Crate Club exclusives comes from Krupto Strategic. This ankle SERE band is designed to be wrapped around your ankle and to carry the small tools you need to make it home. The ankle SERE band is a simple, but effective idea. It sports three pockets, one large and two small, and is designed to be super low profile. Each pocket sports a simple cover that's a lot like an AR mag pouch. A little bit of velcro holds the whole closed and secures your goods. The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic

What's the Point?

It's a little pouch, and the designer himself has said, “It’s not for your fucking revolver!” The ankle SERE band is designed to hold very small, but important goods. As a SERE kit its designed for escape and evasion, so you aren’t packing a fighting load. This Mini SERE kit is perfect for backing some basic essentials for escape in an urban environment. This includes a small knife, a small light, handcuff keys, cash, tools, and anything else you feel you need to escape, evade, and survive with. The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic

Personally, I carry the following in my Mini SERE Kit

  • Crate Club Mini Flashlight
  • Phillips/Flat head driver
  • Handcuff Key
  • Readyman Mini Saws (From ReadyMan card)
  • P-38 Can Opener
  • 6 Feet or Paracord
  • 1 Small Role Medical Tape
  • 3 Derby Razors
This isn’t a long-term survival plan, this is you just escaped and need to distance from any potential bad guys. This kit will help you get that distance and allow you to gain that ground. This kit small size makes it easy to hide and allows it to remain virtually undetected. The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic The small pouches are quite tight but malleable enough to squeeze in your gear. That tight design ensures everything is kept in place and where it should be. The band is semi-elastic and quite comfortable. It's wide and secured with a healthy dose of hook and loop. The band stretches quite a bit and allows it to fit around my tree trunk of an ankle. The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic When it comes to all-day wear its surprisingly comfortable and doesn’t sag, drag, or rub your ankle painfully. Alternatively, it can be tossed into your cargo or even back pocket, but if searched it's much more likely to be found. The ankle SERE band from Krupto Strategic The Krupto Strategic ankle SERE band is small, effective and you can store a surprising amount of goods in it. I’m curious to see what our Crate Clubbers store in theirs? Let us know below in the comments what goes in your Mini SERE kit.

To get your own ankle SERE band, visit the Crate Club store

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