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The Gerber MP400 - Compact and Capable

The Gerber MP400 - Compact and Capable

“Tomorrow make sure you have note taking gear, a couple pens, a water source, and a Gerber,” Those were the words of my first machine gun section leader on my first day in the fleet Marine force. By Gerber, he didn’t mean I needed a Gerber knife, but a multi-tool. By this time I understood that Gerber was slang for multi-tool. Not just Gerber multi-tools, but its the name given to every multi-tool. It could be a SOG or a Leatherman, but we still called it a Gerber. Gerber became synonymous with multi-tool because they make some of the best out there. This all leads me to my newest multi-tool, the Gerber MP400.  

The Gerber MP400 Review

The Gerber MP400 is a lot smaller and lighter than the multi-tool I carried in the Marine Corps. As a happy civilian I don't have the same needs as a Marine, so I don't always need the same tools. Reviewing the MP400 means carrying it, so for the first part of this review, we are going to cover how it carries in the civilian pocket. The Gerber MP400 - Compact and Capable The MP400 is superbly light, it weighs only 6.6 ounces. You may be thinking you have to sacrifice some tools to get that weight right? In a way, yes, but you are still getting 12 tools. The Gerber MP400 is light, and it remains unobstructive in your pocket. It’s only 4.37 inches when closed. The outside of the multi-tool is nice and smooth, so it doesn't poke and prod your body when carried day after day. It comes with a sheather for your belt, but I never needed it.

Getting a Grip

Now something smooth is rarely something easy to grip, right? Well, Gerber was wise enough to place three cuts on each side of the grip. These three cuts keep the grip smooth, but the cuts act as a grip enhancer. The tool isn’t going to slide or move in your hand. It’s a nice compromise for carry and use. The Gerber MP400 - Compact and Capable

Down to the Tools

Needle nose Pliers Wire cutters Wire stripper Combination straight / serrated knife blade Friskars® scissors Electrical wire crimper Phillips head / cross tip screw driver, Flat blade screw driver - small Flat blade screw driver - medium Flat blade screw driver – large Can opener Bottle opener   The tools are specifically chosen for the needs of the common guy or gal. They aren’t packing specialized tools like blasting caps crimpers. The tools are common, and handy for everyday tasks. The Friskars scissors are actually really impressive and I just want to point that out. My only beef is the knife blade could be sharper. When you receive your MP400 I suggest taking a quick stone to the blade. The Gerber MP400 - Compact and Capable One of the best features is the ability to open the tool with one hand. The pliers recede into the grips and you simply press two buttons and slide the pliers upwards. All the tools concealed in the handle lock into place and stay in place. To unlock the tools you pull a simple textured tab downwards and fold the tool into the handle. The Gerber MP400 - Compact and Capable Overall the Gerber MP400 is worthy of the Gerber name. It’s small, easy to carry and convenient for those of who no longer fight wars for a living. I appreciate the discrete nature of the tool, and just how easy it is to use. The Gerber MP400 has a well respected place in my EDC lineup.

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