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The Gerber Remix Tactical - Put A Ring On It

The Gerber Remix Tactical - Put A Ring On It

The Gerber Remix Tactical is an eye-catching knife. Let’s not deny it, that ring in the top of the grip is certainly an eye-catcher. The Remix Tactical is slightly different than the standard Remix and features grey finish on the blade, a slightly longer blade, a more aggressively shaped and textured handle as well as a textured and ambidextrous thumb lift. The Gerber Remix Tactical also sports a lanyard loop, partial blade serration, and a tanto point. So what do we think of the Remix Tactical? Well, before we dive too deep into that let’s talk specs. The Gerber Remix Tactical - Put A Ring On It Specs:
  • Blade Length - 3 inches
  • Overall Length - 7.86 inches
  • Closed Length - 4.86 inches
  • Weight - 4.6 ounces
  • Steel Type - 7Cr17MoV
  • Handle - Stainless steel with G-10 grips
  • The Gerber Remix Tactical - Design and Function
Let’s talk about that ring. It’s designed to provide a very sure grip on the knife. This it does very well. If your hands are half frozen, soaking wet, covered in sweat or even blood then the risk of the knife slipping is very real. At best the knife slips and you’re a little clumsy, at worst the knife slips and you get a hospital stay and a new scar. The ring works well in those situations. The Gerber Remix Tactical - Put A Ring On It That being said you don't have to use the ring if you don't want to. It's slightly wider than a standard handle, but still easy to hold with a more traditional grip. A traditional grip is a bit better for more precise cuts. This is a stout little knife. The blade is wide and plenty thick. The tanto point combined with the finger hole makes this a great slash and dash tool for cutting deep into a material. From cardboard to cloth you can stab it and cut your way out pretty easily. The Gerber Remix Tactical - Put A Ring On It The new thumb lift is very nice and serves two purposes. First, it opens the knife of course. It’s great at that and its rectangle shape is nice and large and easy to reach and push. Second, it also acts as a thumb or finger rest when cutting. The textured top keeps your thumb comfortably placed in one spot. It’s also wide so you can apply a little downward pressure as you cut.


The blade is a stubby, stout fella that is exactly 3 inches long. This keeps the knife legal in most states. The tanto tip makes it a good penetrator, as well as a very strong tip. It's not going to break very easily. The Gerber Remix Tactical - Put A Ring On It The partial serration makes it easier to chew through materials and to cut through everything from seatbelts to 550 cord. The blade is made from 7CR17MoV steel, which isn't a robot rejected from Star Wars. It’s a stainless steel with Vanadium added. For a stainless steel, the edge retention is actually impressive. I’m not a metallurgist but I believe the Vanadium really helps with that edge retention. The Gerber is a strong and hard blade designed for deep penetration and tough cutting. The Remix Tactical is an excellent knife for EDC, for police officers who need an edge, or troops who want to keep a sure grip regardless of the situation. The Remix Tactical is an outstanding little folder.

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