The Gerber Sharkbelly is a knife that combines a number of features that differentiate the knife from other traditional pocket knives. The  Sharkbelly is included in our December crate alongside a few other Gerber goodies. The Gerber Sharkbelly is a medium sized knife with a 3.25 inch blade and a 7.75 inch overall length. It only weighs 2.3 ounces. The blade is made from 420HC steel and the handle is a glass filled nylon. None of this sounds too groundbreaking, but a deeper look at the knife revealed a thoughtful combination of features.  

The Gerber Sharkbelly Blade

The knife features the often overlooked sheepsfoot blade. The blade is partially serrated and features a wide and long thumb hole for easy opening with either hand. The Sharkbelly has a very little point to it. This makes the flat front knife easier to use when cutting and slicing. The blade has zero curves so cuts can be precise and sure. The Gerber Sharkbelly - A Thick Skinned Slasher The sheepsfoot blade is well suited for emergency situations where you need to cut a seat belt or strap without injuring yourself or someone else. Sheepsfoot blades minimize the potential for you to stab yourself in general. It’s a great knife for LEO, emergency response, and of course for prepared carry. The Gerber Sharkbelly - A Thick Skinned Slasher The 420HC blade is easy to sharpen. The serrated edge can even be sharpened with a simple flat stone. 420HC steel is generally easy to sharpen and made for a long life. It will need to be sharpened more often than most steels, but nothing more than once a week or after heavy use.

The Handle

The handle is where the name Sharkbelly comes from. The glass nylon material is quite light and comfortable in the hand. This tends to make the knife front heavy, but it's not a serious issue on a knife like this. The handle is coated with Gerber’s Sharkskin grip material. This grippy material sticks to the hand and provides you with a sure and comfortable grip. The handle feels smooth in a way but gritty in another. It’s hard to describe without actually having the tool in your hand. The Gerber Sharkbelly - A Thick Skinned Slasher It doesn’t slip or slide in the hand, but it doesn’t feel like it’s a textured material. It’s odd for sure, but it works. Near the top of the blade is a textured thumb rest that’s aggressive. It gives you a solid means to control the blade and direct your cuts with force and authority. The Gerber Sharkbelly - A Thick Skinned Slasher

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, the blade features a tip-down pocket clip and even a lanyard loop. The Gerber Sharkbelly is a fine little knife that combines a curious set of unique features to give you a solid EDC knife. The Sharkbelly may lack a serious pointy end, but it’s all blade.

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