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The Gerber StrongArm - The Adaptible Fixed Blade

The Gerber StrongArm - The Adaptible Fixed Blade

I’ve owned and abused a Gerber StrongArm for over a year now. The finish is worn, but the knife itself continues to impress me. Crate Club tossing the StrongArm into the December Crate was an excellent idea. It’s a rock solid knife that several writers over at the Loadout Room have used, abused and reviewed. I still love my old FDE Gerber and there is nothing wrong with it...but why wouldn’t I want one in black?

What's so Strong about the StrongArm

The Gerber StrongArm is a fixed blade, full tang knife with a 4.8 inch blade. The knife weighs 7.2 ounces and features one of the best grips a fixed blade knife could have. The blade is made from 420HC, an easy to sharpen and durable steel perfect for this type of knife. What type of knife is this exactly? It’s hard to pin down. The StrongArm certainly a good survival and fighting knife designed for use with the military as well as preppers. The knife is also small enough to be a general outdoors knife, and modular enough even for everyday carry. It’s a knife that strives to be a little of everything and it mostly succeeds. The Gerber StrongArm - The Adaptible Fixed Blade To me, this knife is mainly for camping, hunting, and use as a tool. It’s 4.8 inch blade makes it easy to control for finer cutting tasks like cleaning game. The Gerber is also heavy and strong enough to be used for prying, digging, and destroying. The grip is coated with a rubberized armor that’s textured with a rough diamond finish. The texture has a slight amount of give to it. So when you squeeze it tight it conforms and fills your hand. This makes it comfortable to grip the knife tight for extended periods of time. The diamond pattern gives you a good non-slip grip without being abrasive to the hand. The Gerber StrongArm - The Adaptible Fixed Blade At the end of the handle, you have a glass breaking pommel complete with a lanyard loop for all your dummy cord needs.  

How You Carry

How you carry this knife is entirely up to you. Gerber is killing the sheath game with knives this and the Ghost Strike. The modularity of the sheath makes the knife modular. You can carry via belt in a traditional drop-down vertical design, or you attach to belt loops and carry horizontally. Carrying horizontally can be done for concealment reasons, but it's a big knife. You best bring a big shirt to cover it. The Gerber StrongArm - The Adaptible Fixed Blade Carrying horizontally may also be a tactical decision when wearing your kit. Carrying the StrongArm horizontally makes sure it remains out of the way of other gear. Lastly, the Sheath allows you to easily carry the knife mounted to MOLLE or PALS webbing. You can add the knife to MOLLE platform in about ten seconds. This entire sheath system is designed to allow you to change your mind. It's not difficult to swap midday to one carry method or another. The Gerber StrongArm - The Adaptible Fixed Blade   Adaptability is often the key to mission success, why would you expect anything less from your own gear?

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