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What is Crate Club?

What is Crate Club?

The most badass subscription box on earth. Get field-tested gear you need to survive it all. So jump in and be battle ready any time, anywhere!

Check out the Crate Club and discover more about the club, its benefits and key points, and how to sign up if you think it might be a good fit for you, whether you're a prepper or you’re looking for nicer and more advanced survival gear.

What is Crate Club?

Crate Club is the ultimate monthly or quarterly subscription for military, tactical, survival focused gear. Before being put into any container, our expert team of tactical and survival aficionados hand-pick and field-test all of our equipment. Receive gear from name brands such as Olight, Sig Sauer, Bushnell, MagPul, Gerber, CRKT, MyMedic, Spyderco, and more! Simply put, Crate Club is filled with high-value items that are always worth more than you paid — no filler junk. There are currently three crate levels to choose from, ranging from $49.99 to $399.99 for beginners to skilled tacticians.

How It Works:

Three levels of boxes are currently available: Lieutenant, Captain, and General. 

LIEUTENANT <$49.99 +S/H>
Ships monthly

This is for the casual or new tactician. Enjoy things like survival and self-defense tools, fire starters, EDC gear, and more! Great for someone getting started in the outdoors or just enjoys cool gear.

CAPTAIN <$99.99 +S/H>
Ships monthly

Includes the best mix of survival and tactical gear for everyday use picked by professionals. Our goal is to help you be better prepared for anything life throws at you by gearing you up. Enjoy the spoils! Survival tools, outdoor essentials, self-defense gear, medical kits, EDC packs, and more!

GENERAL <$399.99 +S/H>
Ships on January, April, July and October
If you subscribe annually you get 10% off + free shipping on the General tier.

Tactical and survival gear actually used by professionals. This is the 007 of gear boxes, real issue tactical gear that would be used on the front lines. Products include custom bulletproof bag inserts, tactical self-defense flashlights, binoculars, survival and EDC tools and so much more. Built for the most hardened survivalists, it’s our most complete and premium package.

And unlike before, auto-renewing memberships can be canceled at any time and won't cost you any extra money.


The long wait is over! As Crate Club finally opens the club membership for monthly subscription service, we are very excited to announce the new level, MAJOR! Coming into play in the last quarter of 2022, with the starting price at $200, you'll see more exciting items carefully curated by our professional team. Expect more badass and advanced tactical gear arriving at your doorstep monthly.

Now with more billing and shipping options, you can pick the level you’re most comfortable with and stock up on great gear!

We know it's not exactly cheap to pay and sustain this subscription, but for anyone who wants to be prepared, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned survivalist, Crate Club has a lot to offer you. The value of each item in these boxes clearly outweighs the price of the membership and represents a fantastic value. The caliber of the items inside the boxes is what differentiates Crate Club from the competition.

You can connect with other survivalists who share your interests here, and you can participate in giveaways available only to Crate Club members.

Key Info:

Price: Starts at $49.99

Ships From: US to US (APO, FPO and DPO for international shipments)

Shipping: Free for annual subscriptions

Type of Box: Curated Subscription


What's in the Crate?

Take a closer look at the previous and present crates here. Each supply drop provides a breakdown of the contents of the crate, including possible uses for each item.

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In the end, you need to take a long, honest look at yourself, your abilities, your supply of gear, and weigh your money situation to choose which is ideal for you. Never make an investment that won't help you succeed in surviving.

Ready for more awesome adventures? CLICK HERE TO GET THE CRATE CLUB.

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