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Top 10 most valuable items to trade in an urban survival scenario

Top 10 most valuable items to trade in an urban survival scenario

You may have plenty of items in the stockpile of your survivalist that are useful even if daily supplies will run out. However, have you thought those stockpiles would hold any value in an emergency? Consequently, you will have to ponder your desires against trade worth in that tough situation.

Even though you might have prepared yourself by keeping a portion of your essentials aside for exchange. This is the collection of the modest goods that people commonly use every day. Instead of storing a tradable goods pile, people prefer buying extra supplies to sustain themselves. Moreover, separating those essentials also guarantees that you don't lessen your trade items in any urban emergency event.

Most valuable items to trade in an urban survival scenario

However, do you know what valuable items you should have in your stockpile for urban emergency survival? Or what types of goods can you trade for ensured safety during this time? You are at the right place.

Let's look at the list below to understand things better in this regard.

So, here we go:

First aid kit

Now it doesn’t matter which brand you should prefer if you know how to use everything for multiple purposes. A first aid kit is highly important because it helps manage any situation, from healing injuries to combating aches.

Most importantly, you can use the items in your first aid kit to trade for the reasons for which first aid kits are important.

Water and water filters

Water is the most valuable trade item that you have on this list. The limit of a person to stay without water is based on multiple factors. These factors more often include fitness, climate, and others. However, the most important thing to consider here is that everyone needs water after a certain time.

  • Even though it will be your highly valuable trading item for various reasons, the most important one is that people would pay you nearly anything to get fresh water. Whether you are trading bottles, drips, or mugs, ensure to leave enough in inventory to avoid going on the wrong side of your exchange table.
  • Fortunately, you don't have to limit yourself to freshwater only. Things such as water filters that can add to water purification or containment would also be a hit to trade. Water filtration tablets and straws will also be valuable to trade, especially when running water isn't available.

Such items can help people save the fuel and time necessary to boil water to make that drinkable. Therefore, any extra water filtering items you have kept aside will be extremely sought-after during the urban survival scenario.


Arguably, food is another most important item to trade in an urban survival scenario. Just like water, food is also vital for human survival. During the urban survival scenario, food deterioration will be a significant issue. So, don’t get overexcited for liters of milk or leafy veggies. Instead, focus more on manufactured, calorie-dense meals that would last longer.

Freeze-dried, canned, smoked, and dried items will go higher in demand and sell for premium prices. Additionally, you should also ensure some space for meal replacements and protein bars in your bags.

Hygiene supplies

With the hit of devastation, clean toilets and drinking water will be the things of the past. For that time, it would be nicer to have hygiene items that you can trade to survive the situation. Therefore, it is highly important to find hygiene products that you can easily store for longer without failing.

Products like hand sanitizers, wet wipes, soaps, and shampoo will be higher in demand. However, drying paper goods like paper hand towels, paper soaps, and toilet rolls will be a privilege. So, you can consider keeping these things for a good return for an extended period.

Propane gas and lighters

A majority of people rely on gas for cooking and hot water. One small propane gas container can last for cooking and heating water days. Besides propane gas, matchboxes and lighters would also be great items to trade during an urban survival scenario.

Not everyone is trained enough to start a fire with all types of materials. At the same time, matches and lighters are always a reliable and easier source to start a fire. Therefore, this will be valuable for people who struggle to start a fire.


If someone establishes any permanent residence, they can use seeds to grow their fresh food. Otherwise, fruits and veggies, full of nutritional values, would be harder to find at that time. Consequently, seeds will surely be a valuable trade as they will make people capable of effectively enhancing their self-efficiency.


When there is no electricity, flashlights with batteries will be a convenient way to do anything after dark. The need for light will always be there as people can’t do anything after dark. Therefore, batteries will be a constant requirement in an urban survival scenario.

Tobacco or cigarette

The habit of tobacco or cigarette dies hard. Even a tough survival situation can’t quickly end someone’s smoking habit. Therefore, tobacco items would also be good for trade, especially when you don’t need them.

Prescription drugs

Like having a properly equipped first aid kit, you should also stock prescription drugs for an emergency in an urban survival scenario. Antibiotics, antidepressants, and painkillers will be highly valuable during this tough time. People will even be willing to pay higher to get these life-saving drugs when in need.

Tools and equipment

Your bartering arsenal must have all types of tools and equipment. Society needs reconstruction after an urban survival scenario. A simple tools box such as the General crate box by crate club will make things a lot simpler for you. You can get your high-quality crate here to barter them easily during hard situations.

Final thoughts

Arguably, you need to have everything to survive when supplies every day run out. You may not think about trading those because you need them. However, sometimes trading items during such a situation can be more beneficial for your safety. So be well-prepared for the situation when an urban survival scenario will fall on you and have the precious items, we have mentioned above in your stockpiles to survive well.

Image by Jeffrey Bonto from Pixabay 

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