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GPS Magazine Holder <span>$15.99</span>

GPS Magazine Holder $15.99

Any firearms enthusiast will agree that having options is important. Options for storing magazines is part of that mentality. The GPS Tactical Universal Magazine Holder can hold up to three magazines, keeping your equipment protected and organized. Featuring a magnetic backing, this magazine organizer is a great option for a gun safe, inside a vehicle, alongside a toolbox, metal cabinets,
or anywhere you see fit. The ability to get your magazines off the shelf or out of your range bag helps to free up space and keep your materials organized. Anywhere you can find (or install) a metallic surface, you can stick the GPS Tactical Universal Magazine Holder.

• Holds up to 3 magazines

• Magnetic backing

• Tactical design

• Can be used for tools or other materials

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Cache K9 Roast Coffee <span>$16.99</span>

Cache K9 Roast Coffee $16.99

Brought to you by the red-blooded Americans at Cache Coffee, this sweet-but-strong medium roast espresso grind is roasted and bagged in Paradise, Utah. Owned by Jamie Buttars, this small coffee shop has gone to huge lengths to provide for US Veterans and First Responders. Though Jamie himself is not a Veteran, he has lost multiple friends who were Veterans to suicide. Jamie has made it his mission to save lives and provide care for those who struggle with mental health. Jamie’s coffee shop is not only a place to grab some caffeine and a bite to eat, but it serves as a place where people can come to disconnect from the outside world and talk with those who are going through similar situations. Cache Coffee regularly hosts game nights, fun runs, and other social events.
Furthermore, Jamie has founded a 501(c)(3) called the Community Family Coalition with the purpose of providing a supportive network to people who
need professional guidance and resources.

To donate to their foundation, visit

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The Buddy Pouch XXL <span>$39.99</span>

The Buddy Pouch XXL $39.99

Meet the Buddy Pouch, the multi-purpose pouch that can connect to any waistband via patented magnetic technology. No belt required! The Buddy Pouch can be affixed to any waistband, making it a super convenient option for anyone in need of a little extra space for keys, cards, cash, and more. Many forms of athleticwear do not feature pockets, and the ones that do are often small and
unusable. The Buddy Pouch is a solution to that problem. It’s comfortable, discrete, and water resistant. Whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist, traveler, or just someone who needs an extra pocket, the Buddy Pouch is the perfect option. Furthermore, the Buddy Pouch features a slide zipper and a headphone port that allows users to connect to a mobile phone while on the go.

• 4 in x 7.125 in

• Water resistant

• Anti-chafe

• Black on black design

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Breakthrough CLP <span>$17.99</span>

Breakthrough CLP $17.99

Clean, lubricate, and protect. Those are the non-negotiables in what makes a good CLP. Breakthrough Clean Technologies® bio-synthetic all-in-one CLP is an expertly crafted product that uses the finest base oils, additives, and most effective solvents that modern chemistry has to offer. This CLP removes carbon build up, lead deposits, oil, and grime, while penetrating deep to provide protection from rust and corrosion, all while minimizing friction and wear
from metal-to-metal contact. While intended for use on firearms, CLP can also be used on tools, vehicles, locks, knives, bicycles, and any other metal surface
that is subject to corrosion.

• 6 fl oz

• Easy to use spray top

• Made in the USA

• Safe for temperatures from -53°F to +430°F

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Grey Ghost Soft Pistol Case <span>$71.99</span>

Grey Ghost Soft Pistol Case $71.99

Your weapon deserves somewhere comfy to stay when it’s not in use. This all-black Grey Ghost soft pistol case is the perfect place. Featuring an adjustable carrying strap, diamond pattern nylon, and endless configurations, this soft case is as good as they come. The inside flap of the case offers a zippered mesh pocket for loose items, cleaning supplies, or other accessories. The interior is
also lined with Velcro-like material, allowing the user to configure the included mag pouch and securing straps in an infinite number of ways. When it comes to Grey Ghost, you can’t go wrong.

• 9 in x 9.25 in x 2.75 in

• Holds any service-sized pistol and two mags

• Adjustable carrying strap on top

• Adjustable hook and loop material on the inside

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