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SME Foam Magnet Gun Rest <span>$14.99</span>

SME Foam Magnet Gun Rest $14.99

Whether you like it or not, organization is a key component to readiness. Our gear deserves to be taken care of, even when it’s not in use. In comes this foam magnet gun rest from Shooting Made Easy. This high-density foam organization
tool attaches to any metalized surface and holds up to four items. This product can be used for weapons, fishing poles, tools, kitchen appliances, office items, wires, and more. Like many of the products we offer, its use is limited only by the
user’s imagination.

• High density foam
• Holds guns or fishing poles
• Magnetic for attachment to any metal surface

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The Puck® Dual Grit Sharpener <span>$10.95</span>

The Puck® Dual Grit Sharpener $10.95

Intended to be used with your brand-new hatchet or any other large blade you have on hand, The Puck is a pocket-sized, dual grit, multi-purpose sharpener. This product is idea for sharpening lawnmower blades, machetes, hatchets, axes, shovels, spades, or any other cutting/chopping tool. The Puck’s easy-to-grip contoured shape offers safe, simple tool sharpening. Made of silicon carbine, the coarse grit side of The Puck is intended for quick cutting and shaping;meanwhile, the medium grit side is designed for final sharpening and finishing of your edge. Lastly, though not essential, honing oil is recommended for creating the best edge possible.

• Coarse side: 120 grit
• Medium side: 280 grit

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Prandi German Style Hatchet <span>$53.95</span>

Prandi German Style Hatchet $53.95

The hatchet has been the outdoorsman’s best friend for hundreds (thousands?) of years. While some may argue that this tool ought to be called a “hand axe”, its usefulness isn’t up for debate. Whether being used for splitting wood, clearing a path, making sparks for a flame, or being used as a weapon, the hatchet is a non-negotiable, must-have tool. This particular model is made in Italy, features an American Hickory handle, and draws influence from historical German-style hatchets. The head of this tool is made from high-quality C45/1045 carbon steel and features a polished 4” blade. Coming in at 14 inches in length and weighing in at 1.9 pounds, this is the perfect size for a go-to hatchet.

• 6" carbon steel hatchet head with 4" cutting edge
• 14" overall American Hickory handle
• 1.35lb head.Overall weight 1.9 lbs

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Walker’s Pro-Tek Ear Plugs <span>$7.99</span>

Walker’s Pro-Tek Ear Plugs $7.99

Hearing is a sense that is crucial to survivability. Unfortunately, we often expose ourselves to hazardous noises that actively deteriorate our hearing. Even worse, prolonged exposure to loud noises specifically cause damage to the cells and membranes in the cochlea (inner ear), which are oftentimes non-regenerative,
meaning they won’t recover from the damage. This is why hearing protection is
paramount. Brought to you by the industry leaders in hearing protection, these Pro-Tek ear plugs are great for the shooting range, on a job site, at racetracks, or even at concerts and festivals. This product features foam pods that rest in the ear for balance of comfort and protection. Lastly, they feature a headband that rests naturally around the neck when not being worn.

• Soft, ergonomic foam pods rest partially in ear for a balance of comfort and protection
• Pods are washable and detachable

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Poseidon Nano <span>$59.95</span>

Poseidon Nano $59.95

Brought to you by the renowned makers of the Poseidon Pro, Dark Energy now presents the Poseidon Nano, which is a powerful battery bank that is 40% smaller than its predecessor. Despite its conveniently compact size, the Poseidon Nano offers 3000 mAh of power capacity. This power bank is drop-proof, water-resistant, operable in freezing temperatures, and holds a charge for 2+ full
years. Furthermore, the Poseidon Nano is both USB-C compatible and features built-in Mavrik™ technology, meaning it charges wirelessly with any compatible device. Don’t get caught with a dead cell phone or inoperable camping gear. This incredibly durable, wallet sized power bank could be a lifesaver.

• 4.02 x 2.68 x 0.47 inches
• Weighs just 3.8 oz (107g)
• IP67 tested
• Up to 8 hours of power

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My Medic Scrape Pack <span>$12.95</span>

My Medic Scrape Pack $12.95

Cuts and scrapes happen, and you can never have too many medical supplies on hand. Brought to you by our dear friends at My Medic, the Scrape Pack is a compact, portable, all-in-one First Aid solution for common minor bleeding injuries. This product can be used as a standalone grab-and-go kit or as a
supplemental module to your existing First Aid kit. Containing nine essential products, these medical necessities are hand selected by medical professionals and offer exactly what you need to take care of your friends and family.

Built in the USA

• Hand-picked by experts
• Lifetime guarantee
• HAS/FSA approved

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