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Industrial Revolution Titan Stormproof Match Kit

Industrial Revolution Titan Stormproof Match Kit

When your outdoor adventure demands ingenuity as a survival skill, pack the Titan Stormproof Match Kit. The beefiest, longest-burning windproof and waterproof matches available. Titan matches incinerate the competition. Over four inches long and boasting a burn time of up to 25 seconds, each meaty match will fire up in the harshest of conditions and will relight after being submerged in water. The kit includes 12 matches, 3 replaceable strikers, a waterproof case that floats and a cord that attaches to a lanyard. That adds up to 5 minutes of fire, and priceless Peace of Mind. 

  • Durable, waterproof case floats and keeps contents dry and protected
  • External, integrated, and replaceable striker for easy lighting
  • Longest-burning windproof and waterproof matches
  • Up to 25 seconds of burn time
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By Allen Handgun & Rifle Cleaning Kit

By Allen Handgun & Rifle Cleaning Kit

The compact firearm cleaning kit that covers most popular Shotgun, Rifle and Handgun calibers. It contains three-piece brass cleaning rods, copper brushes for rifle calibers: .22, .243, .270, .30. and handgun calibers: 9mm, .38, and .357. It also has swabs for 12, 20, and 28 gauge and .410 bore shotguns. It contains a slotted tip that holds cleaning patch for shotguns and a starting amount Cotton patches.

  • Universal for: 12, 20, and 28-gauge and .410 bore shotguns 
  • 3-piece brass cleaning rod
  • slotted tip
  • 3 bronze cleaning brushes - 12 and 20 gauge, plus .410 bore
  • 3 cotton swab sizes
  • One pack of cotton cleaning patches
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BattlTac Kubotan

BattlTac Kubotan

The BATTLTAC KUBOTAN is the perfect addition to your outdoor self-defense arsenal. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, this compact and durable tool is designed to deliver powerful jabs to nerve or pressure points. With a narrowed point, It offers more precision and effectiveness than traditional kubotans. The removable pocket clip allows for easy and discreet carry, and it comes in a gift box. The 6" x 1" handle width and 1.2oz weight make it easy to handle and use. This is a great option for hikers, campers, or anyone looking for reliable and effective self-defense tool for outdoor adventures. It's also an ideal tool for law enforcement, military, and security personnel. 

  • Aluminum, Steel pocket clip in a gift box
  • 6" x 1" (Handle Width); 1.2oz
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OGT Survival Multitool

OGT Survival Multitool

The OGT Survival Multitool is a handy item to carry in your pack, vehicle, or toolbox. Your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite. A great, lightweight, pocket-sized, stainless multitool with 14 features all-in-one tool. The OGT Survival Multitool is the right tool when you need it!


  • Needle nose pliers/Hook Remover
  • Pipe Grip Pliers
  • Cable/Wire Cutter
  • File
  • Ruler
  • Fish Scaler
  • Saw Blade
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Punch
  • Can Opener
  • Bottle Opener


  • Open: 6.25" x 3" x 0.6"
  • Closed: 4" x 1.5" x 0.6"
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