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Picked by Pros

Each box’s gear is hand-picked and field-tested by our professional team, so you know you’re getting top quality outdoor, survival, and tactical essentials

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No Sissy Stuff

Unlike lots of boxes out there, Crate Club is full of high-value items that are always worth more than you paid — no filler junk. See name brands like Gerber, Bushnell, CRKT, Magpul, Sig Sauer and more.


A Kickass Community

Membership gets you access to like-minded survivalists, new product launches, exclusive gear, and Crate Club-only giveaways.



You’re a bad***. You know it. We know it. And you need the best survival gear to prove it. Crate Club is the pinnacle of your survival stockpile. Whether you are just starting your preparedness journey or you have been at it for a while, our crates will help you survive any disaster that comes your way. Featured products include: tactical backpacks, premium first aid kits, water filtration systems, multi tools, binoculars, flashlights, parts and accessories for your boom stick, and more outdoor, survival, and tactical gear.




William Carter

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Blew me away!!

Blown away with my experience with Crate Club! I just received the July general box, and the variety and usefulness of the products are next level. From a handy rechargeable flashlight to a variety of multiuse tools, I can’t wait to get out and put them to good use. Did I mention this box came with a spacious backpack that can be used to carry all the items with ease?? I definitely will be continuing my subscription.


Mike Porter

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Best subscription for men

I am not usually one to leave reviews, but I couldn’t help myself after getting my crate! The karambit has such a cool look and can become compact enough to conceal just about anywhere. I am also itching to use the “Hot Snot” fire starter on my next hunting excursion along with the Sig Sauer red dot sight it came with! I can’t begin to count the times I have needed a product like this to start a fire on a rainy night. I can’t wait to see what my next crate has in store!


Garrett Houston

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Telling all my friends!

Crate Club has done it again! My Lieutenant box was a hit with me and my buddies. The Gerber armbar drive is a total upgrade from my oldmulti-tool, and it includes everyday use tools like a pry bar and bottle opener. Definitely keeping that guy in my pocket at all times! As a survivalist, I am impressed with the GTFO wrist strap, which has the capability to shatter glass and assist in handcuff removal. Will definitely recommend this service to all my friends.


Jackson Radcliffe

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Take my money!

The General crate can’t be beat! I have been needing a good hard case and the Kong Kase is everything I could have asked for. It has enough room for me to fit all my gear and seems extremely durable. I also received an awesome camo woobie, a heavy-duty mount, EMT-grade shears, and so many more cool products. I will definitely be continuing to put my money and trust in Crate Club. .


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