Creating a Long-Term Med Kit

Creating long term med kit
A long-term med kit is a must for surviving in any situation. From headaches to fevers to minor infections, the ultimate medkit will have you covered. While many of the supplies are things you likely already have in your medicine cabinet, organizing it all in a portable kit ensures you can take it with you if you have to go on the move. While a simple drugstore first-aid kit can help with scr[...]

Eight Essentials for a Tactical Loadout

essentials for a tactical loadout
Every survivalist household should be equipped with a tactical loadout. While many preppers focus simply on outlasting disasters, SHTF tactical loadout plans are designed to help you fight your way to survival in any environment, familiar or foreign. To be truly prepared to overcome any emergency scenario, you need to arm yourself with the right loadout to ensure your family’s safety.   Magaz[...]

Surviving in the Mountains

surviving in the mountains
Mountains make for beautiful hiking and camping locations, but they can also be deadly for the unprepared explorer. Whether it’s a hike gone wrong or the rare plane crash over the mountains, stories abound of both success and failure in overcoming brutal mountain conditions, the harshest of which occur in the winter. While summer in the mountains is similar to surviving in a forest, fall/wint[...]

Surviving in the Rainforest

Surviving in the rainforest
The rainforest is the most biodiverse environment on Earth. With over a billion acres of dense jungle terrain, the Amazon is a bucket list destination for many survival and hiking enthusiasts. However, the enormity of the rainforest, the extreme amount of rainfall, and the abundance of dangerous animals can make solo survival very challenging. Understanding the threats you will face is essent[...]

Surviving in the Artic

surviving in the artic
Every true survivalist needs to be prepared to survive in any of the world’s harshest environments, including the arctic. The arctic is notorious for its below freezing temperatures, harsh winds, and dangerous terrain. Many a survivalist have been caught in brutal blizzards that have resulted in frostbite, hypothermia, and death. Before venturing into the stunning arctic wilderness, you must [...]

Surviving in the Desert

surviving in the desert
The desert is a beautiful yet unforgiving environment. It has some of the most unusual landscapes, wildlife, and plants in the world. With many people moving to and vacationing in desert regions, it is important to know the dangers of the desert and the precautions required to stay safe. Unprepared hikers can get lost, be caught in monsoons, get stung by poisonous animals, and face deadly deh[...]